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Friday, December 14, 2007


Whew, i am soooooooo excited. I already saw the Grand Canyon from the land, now i will see it in 3 different angles. From the top(helicopter ride), from the bottom(colorado river boat ride) and from the land(bus ride to the prohibited areas). We make our way at 10:30 in the morning. We watched the safety measures in the office and sent us to the helicopter. We are only two in the helicopter going down to the canyon. Oh my God, it is really unbelievable. Ray is always afraid of height but that time he wasn't because he only appreciate the beauty of nature. It is different looking at it in the helicopter. I don't know how long that ride lasted, all i know is was magnificent. We are making our way so slowly to the boat, took pictures here and there without knowing that there are people in the boat waiting for us. Everything is extraordinary. After the boat ride to the colorado river, the helicopter pick us up. This time i am seating beside the pilot. I told the pilot i am his co-pilot for the day. We went the other way instead of coming back to where we came from just to give us more outstanding view of the GRAND CANYON WEST. Next is the bus ride, we went to other different spot where only prohibited people can. We have our lucnh at the place there. it is included in the package. It is a pretty good deal. For us to see the Grand Canyon in three different angles plus the lunch. We are still surprised of what we saw but we have to go back to Las Vegas before dark. We also planned to see the real London Bridge in Arizona but we have no time. Besides i wanna see Hoover Dam and Lake Mead in the daytime.
There are so much construction in hoover dam, but it didn't stop us to see it. It was great. Knowing that the water came from
Colorado river and Lake Mead. Lake Mead is really really pretty.
We are started to woory when we heard in the radio that they will bkock the strip. We have our hotel reservation at the Stratosphere for the New Year.
In the fortunate manner, we made our way to the Stratosphere. Another problem, they said our reservation isnot valid, hearing it made me mor tired. All i wanna do is stretch in bed and perhaps make a nap in preparation for the New Year. Ray has to talk to the managerand finally got our room in the 19th floor.
10:00 o'clock in the evening we went down to the casino level to see what's going on. There are parties everywhere and pretty sure in every casino have bunch of parties too. We got our ticket for the stratosphere pool deck party. They have music and some are dancing. It is chilly out there so we came back down since it is too early to hang our in the pool deck. I played in the slot machines, just me since Ray promise not to gamble anymore(actually, we promise both, we at least went once a week to hard rock casino Tampa before but in the past 6 six months we promise not to gamble anymore). Gambling is a losing game in any way.
Finally New Year is only 30 minutes away, we went back up. Here comes the countdown and boom HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!
The fireworks in stratosphere is phenomenal. It is extravagant. Your attention will be divided from the fireworks coming from the tower and from the parking. I don't even have time to see the other fireworks in the strip. That was fun. I saw couples exchanging Happy New Year's greetings(of course we did too).
We went back down to the casino level after dancing a couple of minutes. Since we have a tiring day we just spent an hour or more and went back up to our room.

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