"Destiny is not a matter of CHANCE, It is a matter of CHOICE"

Saturday, December 15, 2007

oh nothin'

I just lost my tiny louis vuitton purse saturday night while we were in the club dancing, playing pool and having a good time. I left my purse all night in the bar and nobody took it and when i transfer it to the end table near the couch and left it to dance, only to find out it's all gone. Luckily i don't have my wallet in it(actually i never ever bring my wallet when we go out for the night especially getting drunk and everything). I always have my spare ID at Ray's wallet so he got nuttin' from me except my favorite Chance by Chanel and the most unfortunate part was the car key was in my purse and we don't have a spare key. We have to get it from a lexus dealer. We ended up going home with a cab. No big deal, we can always get everything, the most important thing is WE STILL ENJOY THE NIGHT IN SPITE WHAT HAPPEN. THANKS GOD WE ARRIVED HOME SAFE!

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