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Friday, December 14, 2007

It's our family

Ray's nephew, Gabriel came down from NYC the family had a 'lil party for him. We celebrated it at denise's house(Ray's sister and Gabe's mom). I love spending weekends with the family because everyone is so warm and caring. Sunday was fun and as usual seen everybody and lots of food.

By the way, it been a week now since we had dad's dogs(Lupe & Pepe). They are both chichuachua. Dad and Gladys are still on vacation right now so we are taking care of their dogs. Basically we take them out everyday and treat them as ours too.

You don't wanna believe it, we have another cockatoo bird and his name is Louis. he is sooooo tame and all he want is to pet him every second. he doesn't bite and the guy said he talks but never heard any words from him yet.

Monday, back to the busy week. Still doing the 50 pieces motherboard order that is keeping the store busy plus some other orders.

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