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Saturday, December 15, 2007

When luck strike...

Yup, I was very lucky last night when the cop pulled me over for driving a car with trailer that the tail light is not working and one of the headlight is not working. The light were all working as long as i have my brights on for the headlight and as long as I am riding the brake for the tail light ;( . I drove it from Tampa to New Port Richey using the Veteran's Expressway without any problem. We left the place and I saw the cop's car pulling somebody over but he saw my headlight when i was making a right (dang!). Soon enough he was in back of me ( I have my brights on and i've been riding my brakes! )and after 2 minutes he flashes his light to pull me over. When i was on the side of the road I never let go of my brakes so maybe in a slight possibility i can fool him ;) . He ask my license and insurance. Not a problem i never drive a car without my license and insurance. Ray was following me all this time so he came over and explain. The cop told him that it was weird that the lights are working now (hell no, it's not working i am still riding my brake it was a pain but if it saves me a ticket i will do it!) He then told us that it's acting funny so better check it out. He did let me turn off the brights though :( . The officer was pretty cool, he gave my license and insurance card back without a ticket (yehey!) This time i followed Ray on US 19 going back to Tampa, on our way another police officer in the back of me, Thank God he didn't pull me over ;) I was riding my brakes all the way to Tampa and we came back safe :) NO TICKET! Alright!

When luck strike it's unstoppable!

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