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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas 2006

Time goes by pretty quick, it’s my third Christmas (actually only been here 2 years now but I came during this time of the year so I had Christmas right when I got here). We have traditional Christmas Eve every year, to celebrate it at my Mother in law’s house in Tampa. It’s always like my family in the Philippines; my new family here is always warm and caring. We give gifts to each other. We played our traditional gag gift, giving of gifts and everything will end up in the table to grab food. Of course football game is always on. Whew, another fruitful year has come. We’ll just hope for another one for 2007.

We spent Christmas Day at my Sister in law’s house in Saint Petersburg. We just had more foods and talking and watching football game. When we got home we opened our gifts for our pets too. We gave them treats. We also gave each other’s presents. We always save the BEST FOR LAST :)

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