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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Memorial Weekend

There's nothing like living in Florida where beaches everywhere.
Our holiday was pretty fun. Wetook a little vacation to the Southern part of
Florida. We even went to the least visited park, not because it is ugly but it is so far from civilization that only 12 campers are allowed to stay overnight.
Friday, arrived in where the ferry located and took us to
Dry Tortugas National Park. Dry Tortugas is 70 miles west of Key west where Fort Jefferson is built. The fort is made of 16,000,000 bricks (according to the tour guide and obviously it is), also where the assassin (Dr. Mudd) of President Lincoln was imprisoned. If I have a choice to go back there, I would love to. I love to camp, and knowing that once the ferry leave at 2 in the afternoon, only 12 campers left and the volunteer couple in the island. I love the white sand beach with its crystal clear water perfect for skin diving or snorkeling. As a matter of fact my new interest now is “snorkeling” even though I am still learning how to swim.

For more Dry Tortugas photos just click link below

The rest of Saturday was in Key West, it was so lively and informal. People were in their flip flops walking around. Loud music and live bands everywhere, it was so laid back.

For more Key West photos just click link below

Sunday was all about the beach. We rent a 20 foot boat in Key Largo the whole day for the reefs. We’ve been to one of the reefs last January 2005 for our honeymoon but it wasn’t enough. The exact location of the reefs was already in our GPS so we don’t have any problem on the locations. Key largowasn’t on our original plan at all but we have to do what we think is fun. The first reef was the Dry Rocks where we went before and it has the underwater statue of Jesus Christ. We stop in French Reef but didn’t snorkel. We also went to Molasses Reef; the last and best stop was the Hen and Chicken reef. It was fantastic. There’s nothing like swimming with the variety of beautiful and colorful fish in their own world. Some fish will swim with you, some just stay in the bottom that they look like they are having party and the weirdest thing was when they just look at you.

For more Key largo photos just click link below


Monday went to Vero Beach and we got there late and so hot so we decided to go to Kennedy and even that was late. We only have an hour and a half to play with. We’ve a lot of things and even to IMAX which really cool but we definitely want to go back there next time we’ll be on that side and hopefully in the schedule of the takeoff of the shuttle to space which will be July.

For more Kennedy Space Center photos just click link below http://www.microstar.net/pix2/main.php?g2_itemId=8437&g2_fromNavId=xef98bd0b

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