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Friday, December 14, 2007

3 diverse things

We are really the kind of couple who can easily find places to enjoy. Anything we agreed to do will always be fun. We are always curious and wanna learn and experience things together. Of course there are some tough times but it's just part of every relationships as long as the foundation is strong enough to forgive and forget things.
By the way, last night was a combination of cold and fun. We already have a plan to watch the Gasparilla Parade but the weather is bad because of the cold front. So we have to do the back up plan. We already went to the kids game room before "Stop N Play" in New Port Richey(i dunno if it's in New Port Richey or Port Richey). Obviously for kids but we don't care we like the place and they have a miniature golf which is one of our favorite game. We just love the idea of being a kid again(hehehehehehe...no objection please :)).After we used all the tokens and got bored we went to this club for one reason, i have to get a private lap dance because of losing the bet we had for the auction and the winner will decide the consequence. Of course i have the priviledge to pick which gurl i want. Since it is my first time, i have to be picky; it should be pretty,friendly and tiny. Pick the gurl and what freak me out is when i knew i have to go with her alone(not with Ray) but got to do it i lost the bet. It's not that i am afraid of girls it's just i feel awkward and nervous natural reaction for having it the first time. The lap dance was fun, as expected she is so friendly and pretty. We talked a lot about me and Ray and some about her.After the lap dance we decided to go to the other place which has the sign DANCING(I love it). We saw it while driving towards the two places we just went to. We are tipsy but not drunk and it was only
midnight. We didn't know the place so what we see is what we got. It has a live band playing when we came in and few in the dance floor. They have a pool table which we really like. The only thing is the crowd are mainly old(not really old but probably forty and above). We stayed near where the band is and order our drinks. After the band played and had a break, we went to the pool table. We just play one game and back to the main area and watch the band. Finally just to satisfy myself we dance and then drove home.
Isn't it so diverse? Looks like in one night we went through the whole phase of our human existence. From being at the place for kids (childhood), for teenagers/young adults(adolescent) and to the oldies(adulthood).

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