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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Road Trip to NorthEast

December 23rd we have our flight from Tampa, Florida to New York City. Tampa airport have no weather or plane related problem. We checked in online (it's easier), we just checked in our luggage and we're ready to board.

Time to board, we were so amazed to find out that we have a first class seats. Honestly, I haven't been in a first class flight. Ray didn't know how we got our seats. We can't complain it's an upgrade baby! Let's enjoy it ;). Of course the service is very different. We have our dinner (a good dinner with fruits and dessert). Ray and I have a scrabble tournament and our score is Ray - 12; Me - 11(yea I am losing 1 gamebut of course I already beat him 15-8 in the last tournament, our rule is whoever wins the first fifteen will win). We brought our scrabble game so we won't be bored while flying.

After more or less 2 and half hours the captain announced that we have to wait for traffic but a lil bit later we finally landed safely and hurried to our connecting flight to New York only to find out that it was canceled!!! The reason was weather related, oh crap, are we gonna sleep in the airport??? Hope not besides that it's uncomfortable it's freezing too and i didn't have my coat thinking i don't need it until we land in NYC.

We asked the attendant and told us to go to specific gate. Guess what, They gave us Hotel at the Marriot Courtyard in Detroit and a meal and a ride from and to the airport. It's nice of them huh. By the way it the Northwest airlines (you can check them out at www.nwa.com).

We had our flight the next day and landed safely. We got our car and went to heart of the BIG APPLE.

Watch out for our coming pictures from our trip...

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone have a merry merry Christmas.

Give love, be positive and everything will be fine.

Preparing for the trip

In preparation for our Christmas and New Year trip to North East, I did the online class for the Basic Driver Improvement course so there's NO points will be assessed on my driver's license. I passed and got my certification right away and mail it the specified county where the wreck happened.

We are super busy that we don't have enough time to pack and take care of our pets especially my 3 dogs. I already made all the reservation for them in a kennel so all I have to do is drop them off. Worst thing about it, I have to drop them near where my accident happened but No big deal I am over it ;) past is Past and have to let it go.

Sunday is our Flight to New York City.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Car Crash

Yup, i was in a car crash recently and the worst thing, the police found me at fault :( . It was depressing but what can i do cry a thousand river? Pout in the corner? Nope not in my vocabulary. I didn't plead guilty at scene because I think it wasn't my fault but my husband and I asked opinions to people who knew and work in the court and even talked to the police and all they told us, I better do the "Basic Driver Improvement Course" to take off the 3 points in my record and avoid the hassle in court which I can easily be found guilty!!!

Effects of my accident wasn't quite bad at time the accident happened because i was able to drive the car back but after that night i wasn't brave enough to drive for at least 2 weeks :( .

Now it's getting better, I am starting to hold the steering wheel again and of course a lot cautious. I surely don't want to be involved in another accident.

People who drive out there be very careful driving.....Accidents can happen in a blink of an eye.

Take care and God Bless

Monday, December 17, 2007

Different kinds of Fragrance

As days go by, a lot of fragrances
emerges some smells okay some smells great and some just simply irresistible. To name a few Chanel, Calvin Klein, Dior, Fendi, Guess, Ralph Lauren, Dolce and Gabbana etcetera. When it comes to fragrances you have to decide which one to get, either Eau de toilette (cheaper), Eau de parfum which the one i like personally because it last longer but it cost you more.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

When luck strike...

Yup, I was very lucky last night when the cop pulled me over for driving a car with trailer that the tail light is not working and one of the headlight is not working. The light were all working as long as i have my brights on for the headlight and as long as I am riding the brake for the tail light ;( . I drove it from Tampa to New Port Richey using the Veteran's Expressway without any problem. We left the place and I saw the cop's car pulling somebody over but he saw my headlight when i was making a right (dang!). Soon enough he was in back of me ( I have my brights on and i've been riding my brakes! )and after 2 minutes he flashes his light to pull me over. When i was on the side of the road I never let go of my brakes so maybe in a slight possibility i can fool him ;) . He ask my license and insurance. Not a problem i never drive a car without my license and insurance. Ray was following me all this time so he came over and explain. The cop told him that it was weird that the lights are working now (hell no, it's not working i am still riding my brake it was a pain but if it saves me a ticket i will do it!) He then told us that it's acting funny so better check it out. He did let me turn off the brights though :( . The officer was pretty cool, he gave my license and insurance card back without a ticket (yehey!) This time i followed Ray on US 19 going back to Tampa, on our way another police officer in the back of me, Thank God he didn't pull me over ;) I was riding my brakes all the way to Tampa and we came back safe :) NO TICKET! Alright!

When luck strike it's unstoppable!

fantasy Festival 2007 Key West, Florida

So much fun. It's all about getting crazy and be in the wildest that you been wanting to be!

The rest of the pictures click the link below


so lucky at the mall

yesterday i got bored and took off to the mall just to unwind. I need to go there anyway because I'm out of my favorite parfum CHANEL Chance. Women always tend to buy things that's not even in the list and just buy from out of nowhere just because it's cute even though you don't need it yet. The main thing yesterday was i got my favorite scent and when I checked out Victoria Secret and decided to grab 2 Infinity Edge bra because it's simply irresistible and I go ahead and pay for it before I see some other cute stuff. I used my birthday card from VS and pay the rest. I have no idea that I was only paying 1 of them , I didn't even look how much i was paying I just swipe my card and left. When I got home I noticed it and Thanks to VS for a free Infinity Edge bra.

it sucks

I finally have time to update my profile. I've been super busy the past month because we are trying to figure new things out. I need to take out the music i had in my profile because the company that's been hosting our company websites said that it's illegal to upload songs. They already deleted the directory so my music box doesn't work anymore and no sense of keeping it if it doesn't work. I might figure something else, we'll see.

Flash back Hawaiian Style

My life is busier than ever so i have my blog late. I'm writing this not to make an impression but to remind myself of the dates and what happened on that particular dates. If you have nothing to do you can read, after all you have nothing to lose, right?

June 26, 2007, we brought Ripsi to Pomona Park, Florida to her breeder to stay for 21 days.
June 27, 2007, We drop off Rocky and Bullwinkle to a boarding place in Safety Harbor, Florida where they have to stay for 21 days.

June 28,2007 @ 7 in the morning our flight to Hawaii. We got there 5 pm Hawaii time. We flew to Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii and stay from June 28 - 30, 2007 in Waikiki, HI.

For more pictures of Oahu, Hawaii just click link below

Chinaman's Hat, Oahu, Hawaii

We have our flight from Oahu to Big Island (refer as Hawaii). We stayed from June 30 - July 3, 2007.

For more pictures of Big Island, Hawaii just click link below

Sunset in Big Island, Hawaii

We left Big Island on July 3 and flew to Maui. We stayed in Maui from July 3 - 9, 2007. We had our 4th of July in Maui which was spectacular. Two of those days for Lanai and Molokai. We were in Lanai on July 5 and Molokai on July 7.

For more pictures Maui, Hawaii just click link below

Our ride for a week in Maui, Hawaii

For more pictures Lanai, Hawaii just click link below

In a deserted beach in Lanai, Hawaii

For more pictures Molokai, Hawaii just click link below

at the other end of the road that goes from one end to another in Molokai, Hawaii

Another flight from Maui to Kauai on July 9, 2007. We stayed in Kauai from July 9 - 13, 2007.

For more pictures Kauai, Hawaii just click link below

Enjoying the privacy in Kauai, Hawaii

We flew back to Oahu on July 13 and stayed until July 16, 2007.

For more pictures Oahu, Hawaii just click link below

waiting for the Sunset in Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

We went back home on the night of July 16 and arrive in the afternoon of July 17, 2007 eastern time.
Our 20 days of vacation, was pretty unbelievable. I should say nothing is new since i came from the
Philippines but Hawaii is just phenomenal. Incomparable! It is basically paradise. Landscaping is so beautiful, you can't see it elsewhere! Literally Hawaii is one of a kind! A genuine work of art! It's got a little bit of everything. Beaches are preeminent. Awesome views of sea cliffs, very nice weather, awesome waterfalls, I've seen so much waterfalls that i don't wanna see one anytime soon. Of course, with all those magnificent views and uncommon experiences nothing like driving a mustang convertible and see all God's creations while driving. It was just a good deal that we had 3 (red, white and blue) 2007 mustang convertible in 3 islands. Oh I wish life is always a vacation but that is a far cry from reality. Hawaii is one of our best vacation and had our good memories to cherish as days and years to come.
Pictures are in my main profile and the rest will be posted on my personal website as soon as it's done and i can find time upload it all.

http://microstar.net/pix2 or www.gmalyn.com

Oops talking to much here...i have to go back on my cleaning!!!

So busy yet...

I been to Andrea Faith's Christening yesterday and it went smoothly.
It's been very busy in here between reservations for our trip and for our dogs and making the store organize so we will not leave it in whole file of mess. I've been shopping around for boarding places for Rocky and Bullwinkle to save some dollars because they have to stay in for 20 days and paying them $$/day is a torture! I finally found one in
Safety Harbor for 14/night/dog. I got a little discount because they're staying longer and plus we have 2. Our puppy will stay with the breeder. Mom volunteered to take care of her but she needs to much attention and she needs her 2nd set of her shot so it's better that she'll stay with the breeder(it's a long ways to drop her off all the way to Pomona Park but we rather drive that far than risk her health plus she need to be fed 3 times a day and her medicine twice a day, it's just so much hassle for mom to take care of her). We also did all our reservations for our Inter-Island Flights, Inter-Island ferries, Hotels and Car rentals, at least it's all taking care of. I am so excited the fact that Hawaii has one of the famous beach in the world and the most active volcano in the face of the earth plus we will be staying for 19 days and we will be going to their 6 islands(Oahu, Big Island, Maui, Lanai, Molokai and Kauai).It's got to be worth all the money we spent and will spend!

I already have a little bit of an idea how it's gonna be because I've watch Samantha Brown (I love her job, she's been everywhere including Europe and now she's doing South America) from travel channel most if not all of her "Girl meets Hawaii" and shows that got something to do with Hawaii. Honestly, it hasn't kicked in my mind that we finally going to Hawaii. I've been waiting and we've been saving for this trip. Every coins and even penny we have went to our Hawaii fund. We have this big bottle of Hennessey and it was filled with mostly quarters but still not enough but at least it helps a bit :)

Welcoming a New Family Member

Our weekend was spent in South Florida. We have reasons to go all the way down Miami last Friday. First we have to buy computers stuff at the wholesalers, then at night we went to Sunny Isles to see Titi Helen (Ray's Godmother) and her husband. They came from Las Vegas so it's an opportunity to them even though I've seen her when we went to Vegas last year. She's a sweetheart. We also have to give her highlights on the laptop she got. She knows a lil bit about it but not enough so we just told her more and show her how to do this and do that. Saturday was just a free day, we didn't plan anything we just go with the flow. We woke up late and decided to go this big place (i dunno if it's a flea market or what, it's huge , they even have 10 drive-in movie theater). They have stuffs inside and out, it's like a maze inside. All i know is they have expensive cars on display (maybe for sale too) a little bit shy from $5million. I think they have like 5 Ferrari very sleek, but Ray liked the Maserati, they don't have Lamborghini though :(. Then we went to Sawgrass Mills. We went back to our room and planned to go to the fitness room but didn't stay that long so we decided to go to the pool. It's rare that i go swimming in the pool but i just wanna relax. We just went to a club in Fort Lauderdale at night i even took a video because i was so drunk and at that time that so fun to do. It didn't came out right though, it was so dark. Sunday was beach Day and to pick up our new family member, the weather wasn't cooperating so we just drove until we got to Pomona Park where the puppy is located. We already talked that we don't want another dog (2 was a borderline since we travel a lot), it started when we saw the 2 months puppy in a pet shop. Since then I've been wanting one. We like a Papillon Breed and we got 1 that is full breed but he is bigger so we want a Papillon puppy that is a small. We finally saw her yesterday and she's officially ours. We named her "Ripsi", she's 2 pounds and 9 and 1/2 weeks old.
I brought her to the vet today and she's healthy but we have to be careful because she got a soft spot in her head just like a baby.

Here's when she was a week and a half old


I am fascinated and an avid fan of this TV show. Man, Criss Angel is the best magician alive! Seriously I am very amused and intrigued how he can do tricks and magics that will blow your mind if you try to figure it out. It's unbelievable and freakin' crazy! Believe it or not we are recording every episode of it on our DVR to make sure we are not missing anything! I am a huge fan. I can just watch him all day and never get sick of him. I am a so interested of magics and tricks ever since when i was a kid. My brothers always do tricks on me :)

~~~~ SIGH ~~~

Let me start with the disaster Friday night, I was so excited frying the fish and suddenly when i flip it the oil splattered on my right arm.
Saturday morning we drove down
South Florida for our Memorial weekend. We made our plans so late for holiday weekend. We were torn between Orlando , Key Largo and Dry Tortugas . Since we have to consider our dogs so we eliminate Dry Tortugas because it's far and we can't bring them with us but I'd love to go back there :(. Anyways, we made up our mind since Orlando is near and we can always drive and spend a day or weekend we picked Key Largo for our Memorial weekend. We're supposed to go golfing Saturday afternoon but we went to the golf course late so we have to reschedule it on Sunday. We just go out to our fave club Saturday night. We planned South Beach for Sunday but on our way there we heard on the Radio that it's best not to go to South Beach because it's jam packed. Instead we just go to 21 21 on Miami and just look around but didn't really find anything. We just ate and head back to our room to change to go golfing. It's my first time golfing for 18 holes. I've been to one before but it's mainly Ray playing because I don't know how to swing and still need practice. This time I am doing a little bit better but still needs more practice after all practice makes perfect ;) .
Monday is for our
Key Largo day. It was kind of traffic and guess what the water is so rough and our little boat can't handle it maybe it can but we just don't want to take a chance. We just went to a park and let the dog go to a dog park.
Honestly, that was the worthless trip we've ever had :( but we can't have all the good times. We had fun golfing anyway. We just have to look and appreciate the better side.

I don’t know why I can't insert pictures!!!! We'll I'll be posting our pictures in our website soon anyway. I have lots of them that I haven't done yet...I don't have the incentive to do it.

So adorable

I visited my friend Zeny yesterday in Plant City and of course I am so anxious to see the new member of the family. We brought her to the store to look for her dress and ahhhh she is so adorable. I wish i could pinch her but better not LOL.

My friend Zeny and Shawn is so lucky to have a baby girl that is so cute. Here's some pictures of Andrea Faith
She is only 5 weeks and she looks a lot bigger than she should!!! Be a good girl sweetie...

So long ... Phoenix Suns :(

I am so disappointed with today's Game 6 of the best of Seven Series between Phoenix Suns versus San Antonio Spurs. I am cheering for the Suns and tonight they lost 114-106 and booted out for good. Both teams got very physical in this series that led to 3 players suspension. I've been following the Suns but they better do a good job next year. I don't think I'll be as excited in the finals if my favorite teams Suns vs Pistons (now it's all in my dreams) won't be in it(obviously it's not going to happen now that the Suns is already out!!!). I won't spend too much of my time watching the western conference semifinals but definitely watch the eastern for the Detroit Pistons. Go Pistons Go!!! Basketball game is pretty unpredictable but I surely enjoyed watching it. Now that the Detroit Pistons is still in the league good luck for them. Hopefully they'll win again in the finals. Just hoping I can watch 1 of the Phoenix Suns and the Miami Heat games next year, that would add some excitement and I would definitely save money and look forward for the game. Hmmmm just got disappointed and can't sleep right yet.

Family Weekend

I will start Thursday, I drove to Orlando to meet my friend Cony from New York. I was supposed to drive over there with a friend but she never called or left a message (she just left me hanging, which is pretty rude for someone to do). I am a person with a word in spite what happen i still drove to Orlando all by myself because I already committed to Cony. All the driving was worth it anyway, I finally meet a friend that I've been talking in the internet for months. We saw some Filipinos at Downtown Disney and even dance to another Filipino at Mannequin at Pleasure Island. It was fun and glad that i met Cony. To Cony, gurl I enjoyed it "Kanus a na man pod kaha ta magkita ani".

Saturday was for our pets (mainly for our dogs, Rocky and Bullwinkle and a our Bird Daisy). We went to
Fort Desoto for our dogs to swim. They haven't been in the water since last summer. I love watching them swimming especially when we went to the sand bar where no leash and they can just run and swim, of course they can't go anywhere because they'll drown if they leave the shallow water. Mom and friends even go because we told her we're going but they just stayed in the beach. Mom's friend was fascinated with our bird Daisy because she actually say some words and very interactive. The only thing is i left the camera so i just have to take some when we come back (I'm sure we will, summer time is coming so water is always apart of it ).

Sunday we celebrated mother's day and Kristina's Birthday(niece) at his sister Denise's house. The traditional family get together.

Nothing like a "Pack N Go" Weekend

Spring time in Florida feels like summer, so hot. Last Sunday after the Saturday basketball game in Orlando, we worked from 2 pm until 5 pm because we forgot that the employee that usually works on Saturdays asked Ray weeks before that he can't work last and he forgot all about it instead he bought us ticket to the game. He still has to open the store and close it earlier than the usual, and we worked Sunday to make up for the half day. He promised that we'll go to Orlando again the following weekend since we work Sunday.
Friday we went to
Orlando again as promised and of course the dogs are going too. We've been going to Downtown Disney and never stepped in Disney Quest. This time we decided to get us tickets for Disney Quest, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon for the whole year. It's cheaper that way and besides we're only an hour and 15 minutes away from Disney World so may as well take advantage of it. There are people from around the globe that go over there. Floridians are so lucky to have all the theme parks those only hours away.
We went to a club in down town Orlando it was fun and Ray got drunk. I even let him walk if he can pass if got pulled over by cops and he is too drunk. So I have to drive back to
Kissimmee where we stayed. I didn't drink that much because I figured I have the whole weekend to get drunk..hahaha
We missed both water parks, we had our yearly pass t2 years ago and didn't get last year because we are busy going to other States, now that we're almost done with it, we have more time and less money of course just to drive around Florida.
We haven't really plan what to do last weekend, so Saturday we went to a driving range in Celebration for me to practice how to swing so we can play golf together, then after that we went to Disney Quest in Downtown Disney in Down Town Disney, it was fun and I keep laughing because you'll see people playing and look like an idiot (where can you see people paddling in a boat without water??). A lot of virtual games and we even design our own roller coaster and it was rate 4 out of 5 (it was pretty scary). All I'm excited about is to beat the high score (54) in basketball I got 47 I almost beat it but better luck next time.
We went to a club at night. This time I get drunk ;) We met our friend from Clermont and it was a whole lot of fun.
Sunday was our beach time. We decided to go to Typhoon Lagoon. I love going in there. Enjoying the rides or just be in the raft that goes around is always been fun. We have to go home earlier because of the storm.

Basketball game Weekend in Orlando

I've been a fan of basketball since i was a little girl back home. I love watching basketball ever since because of my brother who is a basketball player in my high school. My father always brings me to my brother's game. Growing up with 4 brothers and the fact that I am the only girl and the youngest in the family, i grew up and learned most of my brother's ways. I am not a tomboy but I always wear shorts and ashamed to wear skirts but anyway everything changed when i stepped in college.
Last Saturday we had a chance to see one of my favorite basketball teams, The Detroit Pistons even though it's the Orlando Magic home court and I'm from
Florida so I should be cheering for the Magic but I didn't. I have known the Pistons more than the Magic. We managed to get a seat behind the Pistons bench not really not close because it's expensive to get seats right behind them even 113 row F seats 1 & 2 which what we had cost us somewhat more money but that's the only way we can see my fave team. I was cheering for the Pistons when most all of them was cheering for the Magic but I don't care as long as Ray and I was having our great time that we can cherish together. The Pistons won the series 4 - 0.

After the basketball game, we checked out the Church St Station in Downtown Orlando but it was kinda dead so we decided to go to Downtown Disney.

We saw a miniature golf on our way to Downtown Disney since it was still early we swing by to play 1 game of golf.

For more photos visit my website www.gmalyn.com.

Philfest 2007

All i can say is "I didn't enjoy it" beside the fact that it was scorching hot, there weren't enough tables and chairs to cater the needs of everyone who went there. It was worth it seeing some my pinay friends and of course the lechon, I'm cool with just that...hahahaha.

What a day

I was in and out literally at the store yesterday because we are one of the bidders for the computer lot in St Petersburg. It's was crazy and and nerve-racking because we have no clue how much the others will bid, in other words it's a close bid. I hate it like that it's easy if just raise the hand with the bid. In the past 3 days before the auction we made at least trip to the place. Yesterday i went there 2 times. First was with an employee which drives 130mph on a 65mph limit. We wanted both 1 and 2 lots and we got it. Thank God. I went back with Ray after to pay for it so we can start bring it back to the warehouse. It started to get crazy here now so it's gonna a busy week. Trying to accumulate money for the next BIG stop...i guess

Lights, Camera.. Action

We went down Miami again last weekend for my first time experience doing a short student film. Chris (student director) convinced me to do the role as Mary (the script writer and a pregnant girlfriend of a senator). I am neither an actress nor trying to be one but Chris keeps talking to me to be one. I said ok I'll do it as long as he'll be patient and teach me every single act that I have to do and good thing about it is I will be able to work with an experienced actor and I'm glad I did because Damian (co-star) was very helpful and he is trying to help me to make things possible. It was fun working with the 3 make up artist because they make boring time an interesting one especially when we are waiting for hours for the set to be ready. It was only a 1 day shoot because it's just a short film but I learned a lot of things. We come back home Sunday morning for the Easter dinner at mom.
We brought home Gigi (mom's dog because will be in vacation for who know how long, she needs it though) and Courtney (our niece to stay for 3 days with us). The weather it been sucks for the past days, big reason why we can't go somewhere.
Today is supposed to be my driving test but they canceled it because of the weather again, it's been pouring rain all day. I can't do it tomorrow because it will be the auction day for the computers that we are trying to get. We are trying to get the 2 lots of computers but its tough because it's a close bids so hopefully we'll get it.

Just updates

Oh nothing just got bored and wants to get away from my busy weeks. Ray and i went to Miami last weekend again, God we must know the place quite well especially roads. I even argue with someone about the streets for giving me wrong direction. I am obsess with direction, Ray often call me GPS. Anyway, we went to Miami Beach for Exotica. It's like the same event as the AVN in Las Vegas that we went last year but not nearly as entertaining, as a matter of fact it's kinda boring. Of course a saw Jenna Jameson (biggest female porn star, as what they say), i haven't even seen any of her movies, I saw the E! true Hollywood Story and she wasn't that skinny as she was when i saw her. Ron Jeremy (biggest male porn star, as they claim), I wonder why, he doesn't even have a nice body nor good looks. I have a picture with him but i mistakenly deleted it. I thought i already move it to my computer but for no reason it's not there. I also have another picture of Daisy. I had a picture of her too when i saw her in Vegas. What completes me? My very picture next to my dream car. here it is:

With Daisy Marie & Jenna Jameson(the line just to get Jenna's signature and picture with is so long, not even worth it)

Weekend in Miami

Driving 4 hours? Is it really worth it? YES but for others I should say, it depends upon what your likes and interest.
I just like Miami and all the opportunities. Opportunities? Yes it's one of the biggest city in the country that offers tons of opportunities. Going down to Miami it's not just always partying over the weekend, we go there for some reasons. Buy computer equipments at the lines of computer wholesaler stores, my part time job on the weekend and of course the Saturday night out in our favorite club.

Sunday, went to Lake Okeechobee to go fishing. Unfortunately, we didn't catch anything :(

Foam Party

Yup, it was a hell of a party Saturday Night at the Liquor Box Club. It was their opening night, we didn't even know until somebody posted an invitation in our friend's myspace that they're having a FOAM party for their opening night. The place is next door to our place so we got in free. It turned out to a huge opening because there were a lot of people showed up to party. The bar, dance floor, the whole place was packed. They set a place up in the front parking lot for the foam. It was cold but didn't stop people from going in and have fun. I even got in it and my dress got soaked!!!! No big deal.

Weekend at Sea World Orlando

Should i say hello first? hehe, I haven't written a blog in weeks, we got so busy in the store and I'm not in the mood to write anything when my mind can't function right because I am freaking sleepy (as Ray called me "SLEEPYHEAD").
Anyway, we went to Sea World Orlando (the last theme park we want to go in the list in Orlando)the past weekend and it was awesome. We didn't really expect anything except Shamu (what else) but it turned out to be as nice as the of the other known parks in Orlando. I love the "Pet Ahoy show" where the dogs, cats, mouse/rat, birds do their tricks. I am a animal lover that if they'll do a trick I will be fascinated and thrilled. The Blue Horizons where the whales and the dolphins do their tricks too. The Clyde and Seamore where the Sea Lions are funny and unbelievably smart to be able to do certain things. Save the best for last, "Believe" where SHAMU, the star of the show splashes everyone in the soak zone.
We went to 2 of their 3 rides: Kraken, the monster of all roller coasters, is the tallest and only floorless roller coaster in Orlando. It will take you to the heights of more than 140 feet and turn you upside down seven times, all at speeds reaching 65 mph! It was pretty wicked but i love it.Journey to Atlantis! Traveling on water and high-speed rails, you'll be chased by spirits who want to keep Atlantis - and you - for their own! You'll never know what's around the next corner or the next drop - even when it's 60 feet, nearly straight down. We got soaked in this ride and still loving it though because we were in the front.

The irony of things happens oftentimes, for us is the theme parks since florida is the theme park capital of the world. We been to 4 theme parks (EPCOT, MGM, Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom) and 2 water parks (Blizzard Beach & Typhoon Lagoon) in Disney World, 2 theme parks(Universal Studios & Island's of Adventure) in Universal Orlando and last one is Sea World. Those are the parks we consider the best in Orlando and definitely have to go.
The last one we have to go is Busch Garden in Tampa, It's only 10 - 20 minutes away from our house and we never went there. Now that we've seen orlando definitely one day we'll see Busch Garden.

My Unforgettable Valentine

Our Valentine's date? A DISASTER! We went to the Casino fun cruise off of Treasure Island, Fl. I've been to one in Key Largo, Fl before and i was lucky that i won $300, this time it was awful that i don't even want to go back soon. Anyway, the weather wasn't cooperating, so the boat was rockin' like a roller coaster and believe it or not almost all of the passengers were sick. We thought it's gonna be fine when we stop but it gets worst and worst every minute of the trip. All we did was ate our dinner. I saw people vomiting and i almost did myself, people lying down on the chairs and floors. It was horrible. Finally the captain decided to go back to shore. It was a complete DISASTER! My unforgettable Valentine experience.

My Life is Back

After all the busy super bowl week and all the driving back and forth to Miami, and now I feel like I have my life back. We go to Miami because of business and possibilities not just pleasure. I know Miami is known for fun in the beach but it’s got a lot to offer than just bikinis and boat parties. Unfortunately it is 4 hours driving but we do all kinds of stuffs to make the trip funnier. We record TV shows to our pocket dish from dish network where we can bring the shows and watch it on the road. It’s pretty cool, we were able to escape commercials and scene that we don’t want to see (we normally do that at home anyway). Actually we hardly watch live TV shows. We record every show we want to watch to avoid commercials ;). It’s not worth waiting for me, I will get bored watching TV with those entire million commercials they have. I’d rather listen to a radio station than watch TV. Anyway, you cannot believe that in the past 3 weeks we’ve been back and forth to Miami at least 8 freaking times. It was tiring but we were able to enjoy it when were there. What kills us is driving back to Tampa. Last weekend wasn’t too bad, we went over there for business so we have no choice. Hopefully that would be the last one for awhile.
At our favorite bar (Mango) in
South Beach

2nd Year Wedding Anniversary

My blog is so late, actually our wedding anniversary was Saturday January 27th. I just want to post it for my record in case i forgot where we went to our 2mnd anniversary. It was lil chilly so we decided to go just eat at a Japanese Restaurant but it was close for renovation so we turn around and saw The Melting Pot, Ray said it's supposedly a romantic place for anniversary and it's dark inside but he doesn't like their food. I was so thrilled of what he said so i insist to go and eat at Melting Pot. It was definitely different than any of the restaurant that we went together before. It's a fondue kind of thing. We chose the style of cooking and the spices that goes into it and then we have cook our own food. They just give us the meat and everything then we'll cook it and eat it after of course ;). The dessert was awesome instead of cheese we chose chocolate. Everything was terrific,we had a lot of fun and the food turns out to be very good.Ray didn't know why he didn't like their the last time.
My gift was way before our anniversary, I'm always advance(better than late right?). He gave me his gifts after work, store was really busy.
Anyways, we had a good time on our anniversary. I want to go out dancing but it was so chilly and rainy.

I can't make it longer, latest activity is just Miami trips for the voluntary rehearsal for the Super bowl. We are going to Miami Beach tonight hoping we'll see some of the player ;), I'm sure South Beach hoppin' right now.

Catch ya'll later folks....

~~ Sigh~~

It's been awhile since i wrote my last blog, it's not because i have nothin' to write it's because i am busy. Both Ray and I volunteered for the Super Bowl XLI. I will be posting about it when i have enough time.

New Year 2007

We are trying to make our New Year different from our everyday routine, it only happens once a year. Let me start from Saturday even though it’s just a regular work.

Saturday, I have to be in Safety Harbor to meet somebody for a possible (possible) job. Hence, Ray is not working; we just lay in bed the rest of the afternoon. At night we decided to go to the club. I am not in the mood to drink and besides I haven’t had good dinner because I don’t feel like eating anything. The club had some complimentary snack buffet but didn’t eat enough to fill my empty stomach. After a game of pool I decided to have a shot of Tequila (not a good idea for an almost empty stomach). In between playing pool, drinking, laughing and dancing, everything pretty much made my world round. This was my first time since I got here that I actually throw up. It made me not think of liquor even for New Year, not even for champagne.

Sunday, almost stayed home because I made a reservations on the Sun Cruz at Treasure Island (at least do something on New Year) unfortunately they are fully booked since Friday. We really want to go to Cirque du Soleil in Downtown Disney in Orlando. We started to look for our tickets. We got 2 for the 6:00 pm show, perfect before the New Year's countdown begin, the bad news was they don't have available seats near the stage and the good news we don't have to look up because they are doing stunts, rope exhibition etcetera. We got out from the show around 8:00 o'clock. We wander around Downtown Disney; it was quite bizarre when a couple comes up wanting to take picture of me of course i can't just say NO with all the compliments they uttered (that was my 2 seconds hall of shame). We checked out Pleasure Island and it was $90 per person just to get in, knowing that the place is mostly filled with bars and clubs and considering that i don't want to drink liquor after what happened last night. It's just different when you are in the club without having a drink (just an opinion). Instead of staying in Downtown Disney, we drove to Old Town. There were way more people than what we expected. That was our New Year's Eve.

Monday after checking out with the dogs, we drove directly to the store. I don't want to go home because i know i will just sleep all day. We search some movie ratings and schedule at AMC movie theater. It was a blast and a movie marathon. We stayed 9 hours in the theater. We first watch "Blood Diamond" it was really really good. "Black Christmas", "Pursuit of Happiness" just an ordinary story and setting but i love it, "Borat" we've seen it before and just wanna see it again and the last one was "Apocalypto" it was a really good movie but I prefer love more than just killing each other, i know it's history it's just i hate the killing of innocent individuals.

New Year a new beginning of a life full of challenges.
Happy New Year. Be hopeful for a blessed and fruitful 2007!!!!

Christmas 2006

Time goes by pretty quick, it’s my third Christmas (actually only been here 2 years now but I came during this time of the year so I had Christmas right when I got here). We have traditional Christmas Eve every year, to celebrate it at my Mother in law’s house in Tampa. It’s always like my family in the Philippines; my new family here is always warm and caring. We give gifts to each other. We played our traditional gag gift, giving of gifts and everything will end up in the table to grab food. Of course football game is always on. Whew, another fruitful year has come. We’ll just hope for another one for 2007.

We spent Christmas Day at my Sister in law’s house in Saint Petersburg. We just had more foods and talking and watching football game. When we got home we opened our gifts for our pets too. We gave them treats. We also gave each other’s presents. We always save the BEST FOR LAST :)

Weekend at Sanibel Island

We’re not supposed to be leaving this weekend because of our nephew’s birthday party but we want to get away. We haven’t done anything last weekend and it was pretty stressful at the store. Since we haven’t been to Sanibel Island in a year (is that long??? I guess yes) so we planned it for the weekend with Rocky and Bullwinkle. We left Saturday since we just gonna stay for a night and go to the beach. We arrived around 2:30 in the afternoon and the weather wasn’t participating. It was showering when we got to Island and checked in to our favorite Kona Kai hotel room (Oh not an expensive but happiness of the stay doesn’t rely on how it looks, it depends on how you spend your quality time for your whole stay, just my opinion anyways). We thought for sure they will allow pets but they don’t anymore. They were considerate because we already have our dogs and we made our reservations the day before the checking in. The funny thing is we snuck Bullwinkle in the room because they only let us bring one and Ray told them we only have one ;). We were telling jokes in our room because we can’t do anything since it is sprinkling outside. We normally do something just to make our stay worth it. So slept the whole afternoon and went to a club in Fort Myers, Florida at night. Sunday went to the beach with our 2 beach lover dogs. It was a very nice day too. I can’t believe in the middle of December I can still wear bikini. On our way home the Football game is on the radio and I was trying to get it in the little TV but unfortunately I can’t get it most of the time. I was been screaming in the car because the Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus The Chicago Bears was very exciting. The buccaneers had a chance to win the game but Bears won after they scored a field goal in the over time.

Oh so nice to get away from the tiresome work even just for a day.

Discovery Shuttle

Finally it took off Saturday at 8:47pm. Yea, Ray and I were one of the thousand people waiting for the NASA Discovery Shuttle’s launch. Frankly we went Thursday night at the Kennedy Space Center to witness a night launch only to be disappointed when they announced that the weather wasn’t cooperating. We decided to go again because we already went Thursday and it all be wasted if it will launch and we’re not there. Surely we got lucky the second time around. It was so cool that it lit up the whole area. We were 11 miles from the launch pad 39 B. I'll upload the video from the phone later fellas. It was so neat.

Week is so busy. I got an interview to the path that i'm going, hopefully i will do good and be productive on it.

A fantastic weekend had past again.

A fantastic weekend had past again.

We watched the Opera Orlando“Romeo and Juliet” at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center Friday. Then after the opera we drove to Orlando.

Saturday, went to Disney World’s MGM. Of course can’t leave the theme park without going to the crazy rides at stake taking pictures with or without the Disney characters.

We tried Voyage of the Little Mermaid, The magic of Disney Animation, Sounds Dangerous – Starring Drew Carey, Muppet Vision 3-D and of course the 2 attraction that you can’t leave without trying are the Rock n’ Roller Coaster and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

Then we met a friend in Downtown Disney but we just had chitchat, we don’t even have time to eat because they have to leave for somewhere else. I noticed a little change in Downtown Disney (just the stage near the bridge going to Pleasure Island , they took it off). Then headed back to the room and later on that night went to other club in Orlando.
For more photos visit my site www.gmalyn.com or http://www.microstar.net/pix2/main.php?g2_itemId=10414&g2_page=2

My ever Late Thanksgiving Blog

I am so blessed of God’s planned destiny for my journey for having a good quality of life, good health and happy family that sometimes I question myself why God is so GOOD to me even though I don’t have time for HIM most of the time. Actually Thanksgiving Day was full of MY DRAMA, in spite what happened I am still thankful of having Ray into my LIFE. I thank God for giving Ray to be part of my Journey in this earth who always gives his time whenever I need it (or even I don’t need it…shhh!), always understands my mood swings and needs, always gives time for our little vacations (hahaha), and of course loving me as long as he can stand on my “more often than not childish” attitude. Believe it or not I still pout considering the fact that I am already 24(it’s Ray’s fault he just let me do it the first second and third time that I accustomed to it). Don’t worry folks I am working on it.

The Shopping day, who the hell don’t want all the sales and discount, right? Yea, I went to the mall after I finish my task at the store. I didn’t go for every sale and discount and dig the whole mall; I went there for one thing “the tote”. Yup that’s right, I just want to get the tote even though I am not sure if I will use it, but right now I don’t think so. I just bought something small for myself, Ray and a Christmas gift for our adorable great nephew (are we that old to have a great nephew????)

Weekend was relaxing; Ray didn’t work Saturday so we watch 3 movies (Casino Royale, Saw III and Deja Vu) on Friday night at the drive-in theater. We slept all day and stay in bed for the rest of the weekend.

Writing a blog so late???? here's why, I just don't feel like writing my blog without my store computer. I feel dumb without it I'm sure ya'll know what i mean:(.

Chillin’ in Miami

Ray and I already talked about not taking any vacations or weekend getaways but Ray wanted to go to the keys to snorkel so badly because it will be chilly and we can’t go to the keys until May or June. We made our plan over the week and surely went down South.

We left Friday afternoon so we will be in Miami around 6 or 7 o’clock at night so we go out to our favorite club in Miami. Everything went as planned. Saturday woke up late and it was kind of chilly to go out to the keys with the boat. Instead of going to Key Largo to snorkel we decided just go to Miami Beach in the afternoon. I had my swimwear but never go swimming because it was chilly a little bit. We just hang out in the sand reading and sleeping under the sun. There were still a lot of people in the beach some were in the water but most was just sun bathing, as a matter of fact we can hardly find a parking space and finally got one three roads away from the beach. We can’t just leave Miami Beach without going to our favorite bar in Ocean Drive called Mango which we spent like crazy. As far as I can remember that was the most expensive dinner (of course maybe cheaper to your meals but for us it is a LOT) but that was including our souvenir drinks. It wasn’t too bad; we can still get by with itJ.

Saturday night is another night out. We went to a club in Fort Lauderdale and it was disappointing. It was small and packed. Nevertheless we enjoy the food and overall we had a fun night but we will never go back again.

Sunday was still cold. We just changed our whole plan. We weren’t going to the keys anymore. Friend’s cousin invited us to a boat (they do it oftentimes on the weekends) but we figured it’s going to be cold so we just simply say no. We chose to go to Ford and Edison Winter Estates; we wanted to go there it’s just we always go by so late every time. Now is the perfect time plus it’s on our way home.

We got home around 8 o’clock at night. God it was so cold. Definitely colder than Miami. At our Favorite bar "Mango" and in the Beach

At the Car Show

Actually our weekend wasn’t planned to be like what we had. We decided earlier in the week just to spend our whole weekend sleeping in the house but we heard something on the radio Friday morning that Q105 is having a Car Show in Drew St and U.S. 19 in Clearwater so we called and ask about it if we can go and surely they said YES. We registered for the “Best of the Best” Car Show in Clearwater Florida. Even though we already talked about staying in the house for the weekend Ray still want to go somewhere in town. Saturday night we ended up watching “BORAT” at the FUN-LAN Drive -in. It was hilarious and we fell asleep in the second movie entitled “The Prestige”.

Sunday is the car show so I decided to wear my taxi outfit.

Here’s more of our pictures in the car show.


Crazy Crane Machine

I am not really in the mood of writing a blog but i just want to share something about the crane machine that we saw monday night when we went to Press Box (Sports Bar) to watch the Monday Night Football Game. When we were coming out we saw the LOBSTER Crane Machine on our way out. The first time we ever see one. Ray loves to play a stuff toy crane machine. It was $2 a try and it was fun. We went back to the store and grab dollars then went back. Unfortunately didn't get anything but it was fun seeing them battling with claws trying to get away from it.

States I have Visited

I never thought that I can actually go more than half of the 50 States in America. Never thought nor DREAM of going because first of all I never imagine myself being in America, second of all my family in the Philippines got no money to even go around the country where I was born and race but believe it or not in the span of 2 years (I'll be here 2 years in the 12th day of November) I've already been to 41 States. We are trying not to go back to where we visited instead go to where we haven't visited yet. Of course there are some exceptions and want to go back to particular city, we'll see.
For now, we have to take it easy for reasons like money(we are broke, we need to accumulate some bucks :( ) and time too because all the states left unvisited needs more time.
Anyway, I'll update this blog again if ever we will add another one or two. See yah. Have a good weekend!


Halloween 2006

In the past 2 weeks was crazy. Actually it wasn’t until we decided to go to Key West for Fantasy Festival. We were just waiting for our weekend trip to Dallas, Texas for the Halloween and one of our friends invited us to go with them to Key West for Fantasy Festival which is only a week before the opening week. At first we tried to swap weekends since we were already booked for our flight to Dallas, Texas and already paid for our Halloween Party that didn’t work out for us, so we decided to go the opening weekend. Our plan was to come back to Tampa Sunday and ended up coming back Tuesday and its only 2 days before our flight. I unpacked and pack our stuffs again and Dallas here we come.

Our flight was October 26, 2006, Thursday at 6:00 o’clock (hated it since I have to wake up really early and it was cold but who am I to complain, we have to take the good with the bad). We arrive in Dallas around 10:00 am. We got our rental car and ready for our road trip around 11:00am. We drove towards Oklahoma City to see the Oklahoma City Memorial where it was bombed in 1995 which killed people and innocent children.

At 4:00pm we started driving towards Carlsbad, New Mexico to see Carlsbad Caverns National Park. The park was amazing. It’s a huge cave with pretty and unbelievable formations inside. It was all worth walking and everything just to see nature’s at its best. Seeing it personally surely makes you appreciate its beauty

Our plan was to go back to Dallas, Texas after Carlsbad Caverns but we spent more time than what we have in our itinerary so we decided to stay somewhere and next time we know we were running out of gas I mean we were on empty and the guy that we talked to said that gas stations were 35 miles either way. We just got lucky because the Guadalupe Mountains National Park Visitor Center was selling gas for emergency (Thanks God). Since we were already in the park we decided to take a look, it’s all free maybe because the park is not as pretty as a typical national park. Ray and I were arguing where to go next since we were not going back to Dallas right yet. Finally decided to go to El Paso to stay for the night and maybe find a club to hang out. We were going to at least drive to Mexico but traffic was really bad. We went to a club and started driving to Dallas in the morning. Back to Dallas around 5:00 pm. We’re excited for the Halloween Party. We already have our reservations and everything. I had my Lion Outfit and I love it. Actually bought it a month earlier (so excited it’s my first time to dress up for Halloween). The party was fun and the club was pretty pack, we can hardly walk towards the bathroom

Sunday is intended for Dallas sightseeing. We went to the Texas School Book Depository building where Lee Harvey Oswald shut President John F. Kennedy. We came back to our hotel room for the football game. We went to the Japanese Garden in Fort Worth after the game. The garden was quite disappointing. It wasn’t worth 30 minutes driving. The pictures are nicer than seeing it with our eyes. Finally got done with our trip and left Dallas around 7:00 pm and back in Tampa around 12:00am.

Aside from running empty on gas there was no problem. We came home safe. Thanks God

Fantasy Festival in Key West

All I can say is “OMG”. Our weekend was pretty wild. We made a trip to Key West for the “Fantasy Festival” and it was fantastic. The whole time we stayed was crazy yet lots and lots of fun. We left Friday at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. We stop by at Anthony’s House (our cousin) in Miami to spend Friday night. We took a picture at his house:

Friday night went to a club in Miami which we met some nice and friendly people. I danced all night with those girls (too bad cameras are not allowed). Saturday drove down to Key West for the Fantasy Feast. Actually we forgot about Fantasy Feast and one of our friends invited us to go on the 26th – 29th of October which complicates our other plan for Halloween. We decided to go earlier than the date our friends are going. We wanted to go really bad last year (we weren’t informed early enough) and we forgot this year that’s why we already have other plan for Halloween.

Our plan was to stay 1 night in Key West since we can hardly find any hotels around but something happen so we ended up staying 2 extra days. We wanted to stay there really bad but we can’t. Thursday we are leaving again so we have to go back home and our cats don’t have enough food when we left. The longer you stay in Key West the more you don’t want to go home. It was so much fun. Here’s some our pictures:

For more pictures just go to www.gmalyn.com or http://www.microstar.net/pix2/main.php?g2_itemId=9270

Change of weather

I started a bad day today and it's been week for me since last week. I just got this stupid cold. I have cough and runny nose right now which I really hate. I will sneeze and cough like crazy, and I had a fever last Sunday(I have to be awake though to watch my Tampa Bay Buccaneers playing against Cincinnati Bengals) which makes it worst. I already took medicine even thought I hate 'em.
What makes it good was the Buccaneers won for the first time for the season and they didn't beat just a crappy team, the Bengals is one of the toughest team in the league. It was surprising but hell yea they beat them for only 1 point. Very close but it makes a good game.
I wasn't able to go to the store today because I am kinda dizzy and I want to rest too.

Just hoping my colds will be gone soon!!!

a long week

Monday, I was ready to go to work when I suddenly have a massive abdominal pain. I ended up staying home the whole day. I refuse to go to a clinic because I always hate those places. I want to wait if the pain won't stop then maybe that's the time for me to go, fortunately after couple of hours it stop.
Tuesday, as usual my gym routine. I did some of the accounting books for the store. It's also my Mama's birthday so I called to greet her.
Wednesday, Carla called asking me if I can babysit Diego I said I can even though I was working, no big deal. I love to babysit him, he's a sweetheart, he's not a headache at all. I used to babysit most of my nephews and nieces when I was in
Davao. I even traveled once with nephew but that wasn't easy. Carla drop Diego at the store around 3:30 pm and Nick(dad) will pick him up at the house at 6:30pm, it's only like 3 hours. Our first time to have a baby in the car, we have no idea how to put the car seat for the baby but we figured everything out.
Thursday, getting serious about finishing the store accounting books so we can give it to our accountant by the end of the week. I also pay bills since I am planning to take a day off Friday. I pretty much did the books and decided to go to the gym to relax. I just did my machine exercises and head to the pool for the water class. Around
7pm we let the dog run inside the store while we were in the adult store looking for my costume for the Halloween (didn't find what i am looking for though and most are too big). When we came back to the store we saw the dogs in the garbage where i threw the chocolate cake, my leftover from earlier. We panicked knowing that chocolate are not good for dogs. They can die. We wish we knew who(Rocky or Bullwinkle) ate and how much. We went to Pet supermarket to get something for them to vomit instead the guy said they don't have anything but we can try the milk with oil to make them throw up.
We gave them the milk with oil when we got home. Our friend Andrew and his girlfriend Jackie invited us to go to United Skates of America later at night (
9pm). We went skating, I meant to say they went skating, I don't think I did, first of all I dunno how to skate even though I've been there once but still not enough then the most I can do is going back and forth in the locker room. It was fun looking at the good skaters dancing in the beat and doing all kinds of crazy things. We got home around 12:30 am and notice that one of our dogs having a diarrhea. We panicked again knowing that having diarrhea is one of the symptoms. Ray started searching in the Internet and looking for 24-hour veterinary hospital in Tampa. I called 2 and the second one offered 24 hour service(that was relief in case we need to bring our dogs). Our dogs doesn't really act like they are sick and doesn't show anything different except the diarrhea so we just observe and luckily they're still up and alive this morning. Thanks God!
Friday, Yehey it's my day off. Gotta start cleaning folks......