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Friday, December 14, 2007


Start FRIDAY, went to the park where Bullwinkle and Ray used to go just to go in the slides.

SATURDAY morning went to the auction in
St. Petersburg and won bunch of little things but the main thing was the conveyor.
We have plan for the night to go to the place called "friendly tavern" in gulf blvd in
St. Petersburg but Andrew(a friend and the on/off manager)said Clearwater is having some big events and all three brdiges will be packed so the plan is out. We have the alternative to go to Ybor City to watch the St. Patrick Parade but i fell asleep and Ray didn't wake me up because he figured out that i was tired. I woke up around 8:30pm and he even said that he was so bored while i was sleeping and he don't want to disturb me. The second plan was out.
Ray is the kind of person that can't just stay and sit. So he said we will just go to Hard Rock and have dinner and play for a couple of minutes. So we went there had our dinner and play as planned. Unfortunately we lost a couple of dollars(hahahaha). Still it was only
10:00 pm and he don't wanna go back to the house and i already slept an hour so we decided to go to Plant City but not for the Strawberry Festival because it's too late. We just went to the bar in Ramada Inn. They have a live band and gosh most of the people are all dressed up and i was with my jeans and slipers because i can't wear anything more than a pair of slipper because i had a scrape in the back of my foot but it didn't stop us from dancing. The crowd were older and they play a lot of disco and old songs. I am more of a new hits so i have to stablish my mood but i can easily change my style and just go with the flow. No big deal. As long as we are both having fun and people were so nice and friendly. When they did the electric dance/electric slide(whatever! i don't know what they called it) i really wanna learn how to do it and Ray is not a good dancer so i went to the dance floor alone. I started following the guy and boy it was fun. I learn it quickly than i thought. The other guy even came up to Ray and told him that i learn quick because he can tell that at first i don't know anything.
We can have fun whenever we want as long as we enjoy doing it together.
SUNDAY is pretty much planned. We went to the store to finish couple of things and at four o'clockpm we drove to
Davis Island in Tampa to bring Rocky and Bullwinkle to the Dog Park. There were many dogs in the park when we arrive. It's a combination of big and small dogs. They even swim in the beach just to get the ball that their owner will throw. At first we let Rocky and Bullwinkle loose without leash. Bullwinkle was running with the other dogs. Rocky was just sniffing around. He was afraid of big dogs but he won't back down when they will initiate a fight for sure. Dogs were friendly so far. They were so dirty because they just went in and out in the water. The water was still cold and we can't take the boat out yet which i been waiting to go to that place near the sunshine skyway. Eventually we will. When we were tired of following them we tied them and sit in the bench out there. We left around 5:00 pm and went back to the store.
Since Sunday is the last day of the Strawberry Festival in Plant City so we consider going there. We left at the house around 7pm. The festival closes at 10:30pm, more or less 2 hours to stay and enjoy it. As usual rides and foods, the main thing for me is strawberry shortcake. We went there last year and of course wanna go back this year and hopefully the following year. I wanna go to the big ben ride but Ray don't want to. He is scared more than me but we went to the one in Universal before and wanna go back again. It was fun. I met a filipino couple who got the booth for candy called candyland. They live in Valrico. They're been here 7 years.

It was a busy and FUN weekend for sure.

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