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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Party our ass off

Yes we did party our ass off last weekend since we didn’t do anything the weekend before last. Friday went to this private club and talked to some cool people. We had tequila (we normally have mixed drinks like coconut rum and coke, vodka with orange juice, margarita) but a customer of ours gave us a bottle of tequila straight from Mexico and we even tasted it at home to make sure we like it since Ray haven’t have straight drink and I haven’t have in awhile. It was fun, I even dance with this lady in her late forty and she was heavy, I even took off my shoes while we were dancing. Our goal every time we go out is to have fun anyway. We got drunk easily but it didn’t stop us from having fun.

Saturday woke up late; we plan to go out again for the night. We went to this other private club which having a car shows. The weather is fine so we drove the 1964 Chevy 400 Convertible Corvette to the club. There a few cars for show, most of them are corvettes. I thought for sure the Lamborghini will be there so I can take a picture of my dream car (but I was disappointed maybe next time they will have the show again). We didn’t bring camera because it’s not allowed in the club. It’s just happen that Kimberly(she's in her 40's but she looks great and she can wear whatever she want because will surely look fabulous) my friend brought her camera and invited me to pose with her in the cars outside. I was sweating from dancing with those Thai from Tampa and from Orlando but who cares we are just having fun. We decided to head back home around 3:00 am.

Sunday Andrew(our friend) called and invited us to his house to have lunch and watch the Buccanneers vs Panthers football game. The buccaneers lost the game that made their status 0-3. They are not doing well for the start of the season but we'll see.

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