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Saturday, December 15, 2007

~~~~ SIGH ~~~

Let me start with the disaster Friday night, I was so excited frying the fish and suddenly when i flip it the oil splattered on my right arm.
Saturday morning we drove down
South Florida for our Memorial weekend. We made our plans so late for holiday weekend. We were torn between Orlando , Key Largo and Dry Tortugas . Since we have to consider our dogs so we eliminate Dry Tortugas because it's far and we can't bring them with us but I'd love to go back there :(. Anyways, we made up our mind since Orlando is near and we can always drive and spend a day or weekend we picked Key Largo for our Memorial weekend. We're supposed to go golfing Saturday afternoon but we went to the golf course late so we have to reschedule it on Sunday. We just go out to our fave club Saturday night. We planned South Beach for Sunday but on our way there we heard on the Radio that it's best not to go to South Beach because it's jam packed. Instead we just go to 21 21 on Miami and just look around but didn't really find anything. We just ate and head back to our room to change to go golfing. It's my first time golfing for 18 holes. I've been to one before but it's mainly Ray playing because I don't know how to swing and still need practice. This time I am doing a little bit better but still needs more practice after all practice makes perfect ;) .
Monday is for our
Key Largo day. It was kind of traffic and guess what the water is so rough and our little boat can't handle it maybe it can but we just don't want to take a chance. We just went to a park and let the dog go to a dog park.
Honestly, that was the worthless trip we've ever had :( but we can't have all the good times. We had fun golfing anyway. We just have to look and appreciate the better side.

I don’t know why I can't insert pictures!!!! We'll I'll be posting our pictures in our website soon anyway. I have lots of them that I haven't done yet...I don't have the incentive to do it.

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