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Friday, December 14, 2007


I am so happy today besides the fact that it's Saturday even though i don't feel like going out dancing but we might, it is because my new friend Dalian contacted me. Actually we didn't have enough time to get to know each other way back last year in Manila because we don't have time. We first met at the US Embassy while waiting for our numbers to be called, served and interviewed. Then we met again at the CFO for the seminar and that time i was in a hurry because Ray wanted me to be in the US at the end of the week even though i didn't have my ticket yet. Dalian helped me find the travel agent in Makati City. Luckily she lived in Makati and knew the place so i never had a hard time finding it. I flew one before her and never talked to her again until today.
She told me that they were traveling last year that kept her a bit busy. Thanks God! She is alright and Happy. I am very Happy for her.

It's been a long week, we are so busy at the store since the last 2 weeks. We had these pick ups in Kissimmee. The busier we the happier we get. The technician taught me how to do the online auctions because i've been complaining that i have nothing to do at the store and i like it because i can use some of the source coding i knew :). Still learning it though but i am getting there.

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