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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Just updates

Oh nothing just got bored and wants to get away from my busy weeks. Ray and i went to Miami last weekend again, God we must know the place quite well especially roads. I even argue with someone about the streets for giving me wrong direction. I am obsess with direction, Ray often call me GPS. Anyway, we went to Miami Beach for Exotica. It's like the same event as the AVN in Las Vegas that we went last year but not nearly as entertaining, as a matter of fact it's kinda boring. Of course a saw Jenna Jameson (biggest female porn star, as what they say), i haven't even seen any of her movies, I saw the E! true Hollywood Story and she wasn't that skinny as she was when i saw her. Ron Jeremy (biggest male porn star, as they claim), I wonder why, he doesn't even have a nice body nor good looks. I have a picture with him but i mistakenly deleted it. I thought i already move it to my computer but for no reason it's not there. I also have another picture of Daisy. I had a picture of her too when i saw her in Vegas. What completes me? My very picture next to my dream car. here it is:

With Daisy Marie & Jenna Jameson(the line just to get Jenna's signature and picture with is so long, not even worth it)

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