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Saturday, December 15, 2007

So busy yet...

I been to Andrea Faith's Christening yesterday and it went smoothly.
It's been very busy in here between reservations for our trip and for our dogs and making the store organize so we will not leave it in whole file of mess. I've been shopping around for boarding places for Rocky and Bullwinkle to save some dollars because they have to stay in for 20 days and paying them $$/day is a torture! I finally found one in
Safety Harbor for 14/night/dog. I got a little discount because they're staying longer and plus we have 2. Our puppy will stay with the breeder. Mom volunteered to take care of her but she needs to much attention and she needs her 2nd set of her shot so it's better that she'll stay with the breeder(it's a long ways to drop her off all the way to Pomona Park but we rather drive that far than risk her health plus she need to be fed 3 times a day and her medicine twice a day, it's just so much hassle for mom to take care of her). We also did all our reservations for our Inter-Island Flights, Inter-Island ferries, Hotels and Car rentals, at least it's all taking care of. I am so excited the fact that Hawaii has one of the famous beach in the world and the most active volcano in the face of the earth plus we will be staying for 19 days and we will be going to their 6 islands(Oahu, Big Island, Maui, Lanai, Molokai and Kauai).It's got to be worth all the money we spent and will spend!

I already have a little bit of an idea how it's gonna be because I've watch Samantha Brown (I love her job, she's been everywhere including Europe and now she's doing South America) from travel channel most if not all of her "Girl meets Hawaii" and shows that got something to do with Hawaii. Honestly, it hasn't kicked in my mind that we finally going to Hawaii. I've been waiting and we've been saving for this trip. Every coins and even penny we have went to our Hawaii fund. We have this big bottle of Hennessey and it was filled with mostly quarters but still not enough but at least it helps a bit :)

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