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Friday, December 14, 2007

let me count

After all of the excitement i have because of the approval of my I-485, our dog Bullwinkle got out again this morning. Now he figured out how to get out from our privacy fence. This is probably his 10th times if not more. This is how Ray's late fiancee got him by following her all the way to her house. They even put posters around just to let the owner know that they got him but nobody calls. So they keep him.
He is such a good dog. He'll do whatever you him to do. He will just go with the flow. The thing is he won't get out if there's no challenge. He won't just get out if the door is open. He likes to sneak out through small holes he will see.
The good thing when he got out he always go to the person he first saw. He is so friendly and he will just wag his tail. He's always excited that you'll think he already knew you even though he just see you.
Luckily Ray got up around
six o'clock in the morning and look for Bullwinkle. He found out that he's gone.So we drove down the road this morning just look for him, we are worried because he is a mixture of black and brown and hard to see him when it's dark. The girl who is waiting for the school bus was petting him. She said Bullwinkle was just walking and he was so cute so she just pet him. Damn Bullwinkle "the Houdini" always makes me worried. Thanks God he is still alive.

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