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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Gotta be Pleasure

Tell you the truth I am not even done unpacking from last weekend and I have to pack again for tomorrow. Monday have to go to work picked the dogs from Gandy Animal Hospital where they stayed for 3 nights and can’t take a day off because our main technician is on a 1 week vacation and I know some of what he is doing for now I am the in charge of his responsibilities. Mom also takes me to lunch at New China Buffet somewhere in North Dale Mabry Hwy and Ray is bugging me not to spend the whole day with mom because he needs me to help him. Tuesday my gym routine and I don’t want to miss it, I only went there once last week and I terribly miss. I already felt heavy, it’s just on my mind and I still weigh the same. Today I feel that I need to go to the gym again, we will be gone for the weekend and at least use my days that I missed after all I am paying for the those days, I’ve got to use them. Tomorrow I will be packing again, clean the house a little bit and drop the dogs off to Gandy Animal Hospital where they stayed last week. They will be staying there for 4 nights, we are happy to take them with us but we can’t. I will just tell you next week for our escapades folks. See you in my next blog…xoxoxo

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