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Friday, December 14, 2007


This week so far is a fruitful week. It's been busy at the store which pretty much what we wanted. I went to the Social Security Administration and applied for my social security number(i know i should have it a year ago). We went to the driver's license office this morning to get a book for the test and pretty soon i will be able to drive on my own. The only thing we can't do this week is the opening of my personal bank account since i need to have a social security number as a primary requirement so i guess got to wait for two weeks before we can do it.

Hmmm, it is a fun night tonight. We just got back from Pin Chaser and play bowling with Mom and Dick. Since Dick has a problem of his health so they just played 3 games. I definitely love it. Hell ya, i got 6 strikes for our whole 6 games. For me it is pretty good because i never played bowling ever since me and my papa played once in Digos City and that's it, we didn't played again and that was when i was only 12 years old. Of course my first ball went to the gutter(ewwwwwwww) and only scored 59 for the first game. I am getting better the next game at least i broke 128 the last game which i won because i believe that "Practice Makes Perfect".
Unfortunately, we have to work late tonight so we went back to the store and have our drinks to make us started.
I definitely wanna go back bowling for sure...

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