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Saturday, December 15, 2007

The wait is over

Yesterday was pretty much planned out. I went to Shapes Total Fitness for my Dance Step Group Class. After I worked out, we went to Imax Theater in Channelside to see “The Omen”. There was a long line but we have to wait since we want to watch the movie really bad. I can’t believe how many people were in there, even when we were inside the theater it was almost full when we came in. Unbelievable because people were still coming in only to see that it’s full if there is a vacant seat it’s only for one and of course you don’t want to sit separately. The movie was really good. I really really really love it. We already did a research the movie in the Internet earlier yesterday if it was good and most people who have seen it said it is. One more thing before we went home, there’s a lot of people waiting outside the door for the movie. It’s worth waiting for sure.

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