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Saturday, December 15, 2007

So long ... Phoenix Suns :(

I am so disappointed with today's Game 6 of the best of Seven Series between Phoenix Suns versus San Antonio Spurs. I am cheering for the Suns and tonight they lost 114-106 and booted out for good. Both teams got very physical in this series that led to 3 players suspension. I've been following the Suns but they better do a good job next year. I don't think I'll be as excited in the finals if my favorite teams Suns vs Pistons (now it's all in my dreams) won't be in it(obviously it's not going to happen now that the Suns is already out!!!). I won't spend too much of my time watching the western conference semifinals but definitely watch the eastern for the Detroit Pistons. Go Pistons Go!!! Basketball game is pretty unpredictable but I surely enjoyed watching it. Now that the Detroit Pistons is still in the league good luck for them. Hopefully they'll win again in the finals. Just hoping I can watch 1 of the Phoenix Suns and the Miami Heat games next year, that would add some excitement and I would definitely save money and look forward for the game. Hmmmm just got disappointed and can't sleep right yet.

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