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Saturday, December 15, 2007


Rice???????? Ah huh! That damn thing makes me crave everyday. My philosophy in food is “Eat what you want and never deprive yourself” but of course I have to deal with the effects of what I ate. Rice definitely makes me workout hard in the gym. It’s not that I am so figure conscious; I just don’t want to wake up one day weighing over 200 pounds(not right for my height, I don’t want to be malnourish), unhealthy and will not be able to help myself because I am obese. I know I am exaggerating some things but it’s better to be aware of my health than just take it for granted. After all “Health plays a most significant part of our everyday living”.

I will call you hypocrite if you don’t want to be thin and in nice shape, but for me, I don’t care as long as I am healthy and fit (of course be in shape is a big bonus for my husband, I just don’t want to feel insecurities with my body or any part of it, I am contented of what I have, the worst feeling a girl can have is to be insecure and start to compare oneself to somebody, I am telling you it will not get any better every comparison one’s has made). I just talk to a common friend and she’s so insecure with her breasts, I know it’s nice to have bigger boobs but it’s all outside appearances, we just have to accept what we have and enjoy the most of it. Hello your happiness does not just evolve with what you don’t have; it’s the matter of how you spent your quality time and got to love and be happy of what you have.

Oh no, I was just talking about how pig I am when it come to rice and I went further….Damn rice….

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