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Monday, October 27, 2008

Joke Therapy

When I was growing up way back in my home town, jokes is always part of my everyday living. My brother and my father, we always tell jokes at each other even when I was in my high school days my friends, we always tell jokes as part of our conversations. Telling jokes is like part of my life and I am grateful because, people will always call me Miss Smiley. Now that I am here in the US it's rare that I get to see my friends, so what I do is just go to the Internet and read up jokes that will keep my wrinkles away.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Not the same!

Last week we went to an early Halloween Party and I am not really feelin' it even though there were a whole lot of people. Tonight we decided to go to another Halloween costume party because I always like to dress up. The only thing I don't like is I can't drink people!!! Partying is not the same when you don't have alcohol consumption, it just make the whole party funnier and wilder plus besides the fact that Ray will be drinking and I am not. It sucks but I can still have fun right? I'll just dance it off to get my thoughts away from alcohol. Maybe I can just have a frozen Pina Collada but no alcohol, does that sounds pretty good?

So are you going to a Halloween Costume party? What are you wearing? Whatever you wearing and wherever halloween party you are attending, having fun is always depend on you not on somebody else's so leave all your negative thought at home and just let go of yourself and have fun.

I am kinda confused what to wear, I had my Miss Muffet last week and I am torn between my Race Car costume and my lion outfit. We'll see what will get the most appeal later...

Have fun on your Halloween Party....have a great weekend..

Chillin out!

My friend just asked us if we want to go with them in a trade show. My friend said that they are going to have a lot of trade show booths where we will have a full day of fun and adventures. They always go to those kinds of events and now they want us to experience it. She said that they will actually decided to have a booth for their business because they get a really good deal in the materials they needed to be in the show like table skirts to go with theme, Pipe and Drape which will do a dramatic effect for visitors and of course the banner stands which is very important. I have been to one before but we don't really do anything because we hardly know anybody and now that our friend will be in the event, we kinda hang out at their booth or we can go around to other booths so explore whatever they have in displays. It has been awhile since we hang out with friends because we have been working hard lately. So I think their invitation kinda just fell in the right time so at least we can just chill out and spend time with them and maybe do a little help too while having fun.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I am finally back!

I was so unmotivated to go to the gym and get back to my regular gym routine for the past 2 months. I am just so lazy to at least spare a half an hour, it started when I found out that I lost my gym bag which includes 1 pair of sneakers, fitness clothes and most especially my IPOD Gen 3. I just bought it 6 months ago and listening to the music while working out is just makes a difference. I even spent $30 just to get the best arm band for it. I just love it because it was so light and so user friendly. Now I have to deal with my IPHONE which I got my music because of course it's an IPOD too but don't think I am going to continue using it. It is not as light for one thing and it is a little bigger which I hate the most. I love my IPHONE but not when I am working out. I guess I have to save some money to buy a IPOD NANO again but I am thinking of ITOUCH but it will be the same as IPHONE when it comes to the size though but I can play games right, especially with the latest model right now.

We'll once I am able to save some money I can decide which one will work best for me. For now I am just glad I am back to my gym routine.

2008 World Series

First I want to congratulate the Tampa Bay Rays for beating the Boston Red Sox and be the winner of the 2008 American League Championship Series. I just learned all this stuff in 2 months and I am so proud that the worst team in baseball last year being able to compete in the 2008 World Series this year. It is truly a Cinderella story for the Tampa Bay Rays and being able to prove to the world that they can do all this and win their games.

Tomorrow is the first game of the 2008 World Series between the Tampa Bay Rays against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Go Rays Go!!! We can win all the way...

Friday, October 17, 2008

warm greetings

I the past years, sending our deepest thoughts are really hard. Sending Holiday Gifts can be very hard because we don't want redundant gifts and of course we don't want to just waste our money because we can't think of something new and useful gifts. Most of my friends are married and having a baby is not really a news and giving Baby Gifts is sometimes hard because I don't want to keep giving the same thing, and of course the hardest thing for me is thinking of birthday gifts, it's so special where I always want to give a special gift to a special person who is celebrating her day and I found this great ideas from Book Bouquet create unusual gifts featuring great books. Giving a Book Gift Baskets will be very useful especially when that someone loves to read. We all know how to read and reading is one of the favorite past time and will always be. We will never forget to read and we will always learn how to read even the young ones, they will love to receive Childrens Gifts where they always think receiving gifts is always a pleasant thing to happen especially that they can learn from it. Most important thing that we can't forget is those times when we or someone we love the most has to stay in the hospitals, What is the best gift for a friend that is in the hospital who is really bored? Of course giving him or her a Get Well Gifts or Sympathy Gifts. Knowing that we are helping through the process of healing through our gifts, it is a very good feeling that we can always fonder.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh man! You have to see this!

While watching it, i felt terribly scared for him especially right at the end but he made it and make another entry to the Guinness Book of record. So watch it and tell how did you feel?

Last Chance America

Tonight is the last presidential debate and I know that there are still a lot of folks out there who are undecided and having trouble choosing because of what's going on with the country right now especially with the economy and foreign policies. So America tonight is your last chance to decide and make up your mind. We don't want to vote because some famous celebrity is telling you to vote, we will vote according to what we think is fit and ready to lead our country.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New releases and news

As our technology has been really great in the past century, we have great inventions that makes our lives so much easier. We are so spoiled with these new releases, like network media player, music players, Big O TV and even with the ideal work of Internet we can use online backup services to make sure our data are safe and cannot be lost. We are even luckier that if we lose our original remote controls we can program universal remote control to go with our appliances at home. So if you are into these new releases I saw a website called Gadget Advisor where it focuses on the product releases and news items that are the most significant, useful, or particularly cool, hand-picked the best resource for computer hardware, software, gadgets, and tech news and they only give you the top products and news instead of browsing through those nonsense for hours they all do it just for you.

10 Reasons to be Thankful Today

I am tagged by Arlene, thank you so much for remembering me through this tag. Appreciate the effort.


1. Add your blog to the list. If you’re keeping multiple blogs, it’ll be fine if you add them all up and just post your answers in one of those blogs.

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Ten things am so thankful about today:

Am thankful that…

1. I am thankful because God gave me this beautiful life that I am enjoying every single day.
2. I am thankful because I have great family here and the Philippines.
3. I am thankful because I have great friends.
4. I am thankful because we have our own business.
5. I am thankful because in spite of our economy we are still hangin' in there.
6. I am thankful because of our good health.
7. I am thankful because God gave me the opportunity to experience to be a real woman.
8. I am thankful because we have food to eat everyday.
9. I am thankful because God gave me a good person that I can share my whole life with.
10.I am thankful because of everything that God done to me. He is been very kind and generous. Thank you so much GOD.:)

I like to share this to all my readers to spend a minute to say what are you thankful for. Bloggers please grab it and please link back. Hve a wonderful day to everyone.

Monday, October 6, 2008

1 down 1 to go

Alright! The Tampa Bay Rays has played their last game against the Chicago White Sox and they are one game to go to hit the world series. The Tampa Bay Rays is waiting for the winning team between the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Angels. What is interesting about the Tampa Bay Rays is being the worst team in the league last year to one of the best team team this year. If I have to choose I'd rather Boston Red Sox to win the series between the Los Angeles Angels because the Tampa Bay Rays will have the home field advantage playing against the Red Sox but the Los Angeles Angels which has the number one record of the whole league trying hard to bring back Game 5 to Los Angeles.

Go Tampa Bay Rays Go!!!!

Investment for your future

Making some investment is always about your future. No matter what status of life we are in, we tend to invest on anything because we always think of our future and the future of our own family. Some people tend to invest on lands, some invest on houses, and some invest on stocks. No matter what it is, it's to do with you thinking of how to multiply your money and trying to make more out of it. My husband and I always talk of investing on something we even tried the stock market and we are still in it right now. My husband and I was browsing and saw this website called Inner 8 where it helps connect you with the right people and the right information about your investing goals and strategies because we have to be in the right path when it come to investment. We don't want to lose anything because we made mistakes. Their sophisticated analytics and correlation technology translate your market views and their community’s top investors into smarter investments and better money management results, customized to your unique needs. You must be asking how to start, right? Well, all you have to do is just register at www.inner8.com for free and then start getting ideas right away or you can even create your own "inner Circle" of any number of trusted investing friends for even more personalized and profitable stock ideas.


Pouring Rain

I got scared driving earlier because of the heavy rain. I normally don't drive when it is raining but when I got out it wasn't really raining so I never had to worry but after driving few blocks, the just started pouring and I hate driving because I just think it is dangerous. Plus it wasn't just rain it was thundering and there was lightning everywhere. In addition was the water accumulated too fast that when you drive the water just go in your wind shield. I just hate when you drive and can't even see clearly even changing lanes I feel so vulnerable. So to of you out there, Please drive carefully and if you can, please don't drive if you don't have to.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Drive for a reason

If we can all afford it we will all drive a car that is environmental friendly. As we have known that the ice caps are melting and we all know that it is all because of us producing too much pollution. One can't make a difference but if we all work together to save our planet earth then we will see a difference. I found this website called Charter where they are having a “SAVE GREEN GO GREEN” sweepstakes and you will have a chance to win a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid worth over $24,000! There will be no purchase necessary and your purchase won't increase your chance either. This is open to legal residents of the contiguous United States except New York, who reside in a Charter Communications’ serviceable area and are need to be 18 years of age or older at the time of entry. There are three method of how to enter, first is the automatic entry method in which you will be automatically entered into the sweepstakes by purchasing online any one of Charter Communications’ products , second is the Online Method entry in which you have to be connected to the Internet to be able to log on to the www.charter.com/hybridgiveaway and follow the entry directions and third is the mail-in entry method by hand printing the words, Charter Communications and fill out all personal data that is being asked. So are you ready to drive for a reason now? Let drive for reason and that is to clean up our air to prevent the icecaps from melting!


Have you decided yet?

Now that the election is only a month away, i got curios what people are thinking and who are they voting for. I found a very interesting poll that shows 50 states poll. Hope you all vote for the sake of our nation: its future, freedom and security.

Is it updated October 4, 2008.

State #EV Barack ObamaJohn McCain
California 55 54.541.0
Texas 34 43.052.0
New York 31 57.038.0
Florida 27 47.746.6
Illinois2 21 56.036.0
Pennsylvania 21 48.943.0
Ohio 20 47.146.7
Michigan 17 49.841.2
Georgia 15 44.051.0
New Jersey 15 50.039.0
North Carolina 15 48.746.3
Virginia 13 49.546.5
Massachusetts 12 55.039.0
Indiana 11 45.048.0
Missouri 11 47.548.0
Tennessee 11 38.053.7
Washington 11 53.543.0
Arizona 10 38.059.0
Maryland2 10 54.039.0
Minnesota 10 49.545.0
Wisconsin 10 49.041.5
Alabama2 9 36.051.0
Colorado 9 47.345.8
Louisiana 9 40.055.0
Kentucky 8 40.354.0
South Carolina 8 39.058.0
Connecticut 7 54.038.0
Iowa 7 51.043.0
Oklahoma 7 34.064.0
Oregon 7 52.340.3
Arkansas 6 41.053.0
Kansas 6 41.053.0
Mississippi 6 44.052.0
Nebraska 5 37.056.0
New Mexico 5 50.544.0
Nevada 5 50.745.7
Utah2 5 29.065.0
West Virginia 5 42.050.0
Hawaii2 4 63.032.0
Idaho2 4 29.068.0
Maine 4 49.044.0
New Hampshire 4 48.843.5
Rhode Island2 4 58.039.0
Alaska2 3 38.055.0
Delaware 3 57.037.0
South Dakota2 3 39.055.0
Montana 3 41.552.0
North Dakota2 3 40.053.0
Vermont2 3 56.038.0
Wyoming 3 36.057.0
District of Columbia2 3 82.013.0