"Destiny is not a matter of CHANCE, It is a matter of CHOICE"

Friday, October 7, 2016

Election 2016

            United States of America is once again face a difficult decision comes November 8th. Americans are are left with the choices between the Republican party nominee Donald J. Trump, democratic nominee Hillary R. Clinton, Libertarian  candidate Gary Johnson and the Green Party Jill Stein. Of course the two main parties Republican and Democrat nominees are the main candidates basically head to head according to the polls. Reality is either Donald or Hillary is going to be the next president of the United States of America.

        Whoever will win comes November 8, 2016, I just hope the person will bring this country back on track and hopefully will lead the country and make the whole world a safe place to be. As our GDP in this country is so poor at 1.5% growth (not sure if you can call that growth), and the debt is growing to 20 trillion and counting, I just don't see this country as what as it used to be.
       As a resident in this great country where growth is a for sure thing and the american dream is not impossible, I just hope that the next president of the Unites States of America will do its job to restore all and more. I am just hoping that it will restore the growth of all thriving business and encourage new businesses to be built.  We all know that retail is down and online business are growing nowadays.

         Come November 8th, vote for the person who you think will do the ultimate job as the 45th President of the United States of America.


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Making Money online

Today I was just wondering if there is still a lot of money in writing a blog. I remember about eight years ago, I actually made a significant amount of money writing a blog but I stop doing it when I got so busy with my new blessing and couldn't keep my eye and attention from her. 

So now that I am just sitting around i wonder if that the money in blogging still there. I used to compete with other bloggers and owned a lot of blogsites and it made a lot of good for me at that time. 

I remember one advertiser that want us to write about how to sell memory and if you are a business and closing your business that you can sell all you old equipment to Microstar like memory, hard drives, computers, cellphones, laptops, RAM and all other electronics.  

It was actually fun as i remember writing all kinds of stuff, sky was the limit when it comes to writing. I just don't know if I can keep up with the demand if I have to do it today. It took a lot of time and certainly need a lot of your energy. For me to go back in that time in my life I really have to think hard if I can live up to it now. Life is so busy and having to juggle two kids and helping with the business, it's just hard to balance my time and work. I do love to write a blog so maybe i can still write but not as much as i did eight years ago.