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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Chillin out!

My friend just asked us if we want to go with them in a trade show. My friend said that they are going to have a lot of trade show booths where we will have a full day of fun and adventures. They always go to those kinds of events and now they want us to experience it. She said that they will actually decided to have a booth for their business because they get a really good deal in the materials they needed to be in the show like table skirts to go with theme, Pipe and Drape which will do a dramatic effect for visitors and of course the banner stands which is very important. I have been to one before but we don't really do anything because we hardly know anybody and now that our friend will be in the event, we kinda hang out at their booth or we can go around to other booths so explore whatever they have in displays. It has been awhile since we hang out with friends because we have been working hard lately. So I think their invitation kinda just fell in the right time so at least we can just chill out and spend time with them and maybe do a little help too while having fun.