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Friday, December 14, 2007

Phil fest weekend

Here I go again folks, just want to write the summary of what happen the past weekend.

Friday, Ray and I went to Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa with Mom Dee, Dick, Denise, Dennis, Jennifer (Filipino and a neighbor of mom) and Cheryl and Robert made their way too . The park was having a free concert and basically they have it every year. Mom brought some food for all us. We have a little picnic out there. We even dance in the front where some other were dancing.

Saturday, I stayed home all day. I had my day off (according to me.. hehehe). I was actually waiting for my friend Paz to call me if we were going to the Philippine Festival that day so I’ll see the Florida Flipz group too. She called me around 10:00am telling me that we are not going instead we are going Sunday. Ray and I decided to go and meet them in the Philippine Festival Sunday. Later at that night, as what we had planned Friday before last, we finally made it last Saturday. We went to Hard Rock Café and then went to Plant City at the Ramada Inn. There was one big group next to the table we had. I was pissed off when we came back from the dance floor, my drink was gone and the table was a mess. I knew some of the girls in the group who were drunk were there and took my drink. Ray got me another drink and the waiter gave it to me for free. Other than that, we had a nice evening and it was fun. The bar closes at 1:00am.

Sunday, I woke up with a stinking headache. I hate taking aspirin. I’d rather sleep than take anything. Call me crazy but I really hate it. We got up to go to the festival, it was so hot. I don’t care it’s only once a year and I like seeing and eating the Filipino dishes. I saw Jourdan, Angel and Sarah. My day won’t be completed if I don’t have the “lechon” so bought one meal for my dinner. I really miss “lechon paksiw”. After the street dancing, we decided to go home.
We went grocery shopping because we don’t have anything but we just have to buy enough for a week and a half because we are leaving soon. Yup we are and everything is planned but I don’t want to talk about it yet.

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