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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Change of weather

I started a bad day today and it's been week for me since last week. I just got this stupid cold. I have cough and runny nose right now which I really hate. I will sneeze and cough like crazy, and I had a fever last Sunday(I have to be awake though to watch my Tampa Bay Buccaneers playing against Cincinnati Bengals) which makes it worst. I already took medicine even thought I hate 'em.
What makes it good was the Buccaneers won for the first time for the season and they didn't beat just a crappy team, the Bengals is one of the toughest team in the league. It was surprising but hell yea they beat them for only 1 point. Very close but it makes a good game.
I wasn't able to go to the store today because I am kinda dizzy and I want to rest too.

Just hoping my colds will be gone soon!!!

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