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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Flash back Hawaiian Style

My life is busier than ever so i have my blog late. I'm writing this not to make an impression but to remind myself of the dates and what happened on that particular dates. If you have nothing to do you can read, after all you have nothing to lose, right?

June 26, 2007, we brought Ripsi to Pomona Park, Florida to her breeder to stay for 21 days.
June 27, 2007, We drop off Rocky and Bullwinkle to a boarding place in Safety Harbor, Florida where they have to stay for 21 days.

June 28,2007 @ 7 in the morning our flight to Hawaii. We got there 5 pm Hawaii time. We flew to Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii and stay from June 28 - 30, 2007 in Waikiki, HI.

For more pictures of Oahu, Hawaii just click link below

Chinaman's Hat, Oahu, Hawaii

We have our flight from Oahu to Big Island (refer as Hawaii). We stayed from June 30 - July 3, 2007.

For more pictures of Big Island, Hawaii just click link below

Sunset in Big Island, Hawaii

We left Big Island on July 3 and flew to Maui. We stayed in Maui from July 3 - 9, 2007. We had our 4th of July in Maui which was spectacular. Two of those days for Lanai and Molokai. We were in Lanai on July 5 and Molokai on July 7.

For more pictures Maui, Hawaii just click link below

Our ride for a week in Maui, Hawaii

For more pictures Lanai, Hawaii just click link below

In a deserted beach in Lanai, Hawaii

For more pictures Molokai, Hawaii just click link below

at the other end of the road that goes from one end to another in Molokai, Hawaii

Another flight from Maui to Kauai on July 9, 2007. We stayed in Kauai from July 9 - 13, 2007.

For more pictures Kauai, Hawaii just click link below

Enjoying the privacy in Kauai, Hawaii

We flew back to Oahu on July 13 and stayed until July 16, 2007.

For more pictures Oahu, Hawaii just click link below

waiting for the Sunset in Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

We went back home on the night of July 16 and arrive in the afternoon of July 17, 2007 eastern time.
Our 20 days of vacation, was pretty unbelievable. I should say nothing is new since i came from the
Philippines but Hawaii is just phenomenal. Incomparable! It is basically paradise. Landscaping is so beautiful, you can't see it elsewhere! Literally Hawaii is one of a kind! A genuine work of art! It's got a little bit of everything. Beaches are preeminent. Awesome views of sea cliffs, very nice weather, awesome waterfalls, I've seen so much waterfalls that i don't wanna see one anytime soon. Of course, with all those magnificent views and uncommon experiences nothing like driving a mustang convertible and see all God's creations while driving. It was just a good deal that we had 3 (red, white and blue) 2007 mustang convertible in 3 islands. Oh I wish life is always a vacation but that is a far cry from reality. Hawaii is one of our best vacation and had our good memories to cherish as days and years to come.
Pictures are in my main profile and the rest will be posted on my personal website as soon as it's done and i can find time upload it all.

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Oops talking to much here...i have to go back on my cleaning!!!

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