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Friday, December 14, 2007

The lazy side of me

I still remember my mama when she told me that my laziness can't do any good. I know it won't do any good at all and for me i am not lazy at all. There are just times that i don't feel like doing anything but lay in bed and either watch tv or sleep. And for sure everybody is like that especially after a long stressful week.
Today is exactly what happen to me. I woke up around
9:30am but just to go to the bathroom and went back to bed. I was completely awake around 11:00 am. I prepare our breakfast and we went in the backyard to pick up the oranges because they are ripe. I already gave some to our employees and i squeezed some to have a fresh orange juice. I thought i already got them all but i am wrong. I just got the one that was reachable to me. The others that are out of reach are more than what i thought. So we gave 1 bag to one of our neighbors.
After the oranges i went back to bed and lie down(feels like the bed is pulling me....damn bed). Ray was keep telling me to take shower so we can go out and get whatever we need at the house. Instead of taking shower i just lie down and acting like i am sleeping(or maybe i was sleeping....he told me before that i'm a sleepyhead).So he went out by himself and told me he will drink and drive the corvette down Dale Mabry Highway. He stayed out for 5 hours. He said he wasn't able to drive the car but he did drink. When he got home he was a bit drunk.
I was watching the pre superbowl game when he got home. He finished the trap door for the pets so they can just go in and out.
He wanna watch the superbowl game at the jacuzzi but i can't because of the women's monthly sickness. He just sprayed me water until i'm wet( of course got to punish him).So we end up like we are both little kids with the dogs barking on him . Rocky and Bullwinkle always on the rescue whenever they saw someone's attacking me(that's my dogs).

Anyways, Congratulations to Pittsburg Steelers for winning the Superbowl 2006. They are my team next to Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yehey....WHEW....

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