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Friday, December 14, 2007


Yup, that's true. I was being fired by Ray at the store last Tuesday, February 07, 2006. I know it sounds silly but that was the way it was. That commotion made me thought of lots of unclear and doubtful things. I came up with different thoughts in my mind that i was afraid to think of. I never ever saw him that mad as he was last tuesday. I really pull the trigger that time that i wished i didn't say anything at all.
Wondering why and what happen? I know it's kind of overacting but that's how Ray reacted to what i said. Anyway, i told him that " i wanna work not to our store but to other company" with that statement really blew him off. I already knew and told me about it before, he just want me to help him build our store. I was just pressured by others asking me why i am not working. The fact is I am working it's just in our own even though i don't have my monthly or weekly salary it doesn't mean i am not working at all. Our profit is what holding us in our every day expenses and have the opportunity to see other places with our own choice of time.
Now that i think about it, i was stupid wanting to work to other where i have to deal with the boss and with the other higher rank if i can just work in our own company. I am not just working i am helping too.
I work in the accounting office of my college before so i know the relationship i am going to deal with if i will be able to find one, or whatever job i will find might not satisfied what i want them to pay me. Even my friend(actually Ray knew her first and introduced to me), who is a manager in Mc Donald (Dale Mabry Branch) told me i am just looking for my own problem.

By the way, i am now convinced and see some aspects that discouraged me. Working at the store is just like going to school that teach me about computers not just hands on on hardwares but also software. Actually, it just fits on me because i finished my degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.
Gotta go now...We'll have our Saturday night out again....We are a bit bored so got to go out sometimes....

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