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Saturday, December 15, 2007

New Year 2007

We are trying to make our New Year different from our everyday routine, it only happens once a year. Let me start from Saturday even though it’s just a regular work.

Saturday, I have to be in Safety Harbor to meet somebody for a possible (possible) job. Hence, Ray is not working; we just lay in bed the rest of the afternoon. At night we decided to go to the club. I am not in the mood to drink and besides I haven’t had good dinner because I don’t feel like eating anything. The club had some complimentary snack buffet but didn’t eat enough to fill my empty stomach. After a game of pool I decided to have a shot of Tequila (not a good idea for an almost empty stomach). In between playing pool, drinking, laughing and dancing, everything pretty much made my world round. This was my first time since I got here that I actually throw up. It made me not think of liquor even for New Year, not even for champagne.

Sunday, almost stayed home because I made a reservations on the Sun Cruz at Treasure Island (at least do something on New Year) unfortunately they are fully booked since Friday. We really want to go to Cirque du Soleil in Downtown Disney in Orlando. We started to look for our tickets. We got 2 for the 6:00 pm show, perfect before the New Year's countdown begin, the bad news was they don't have available seats near the stage and the good news we don't have to look up because they are doing stunts, rope exhibition etcetera. We got out from the show around 8:00 o'clock. We wander around Downtown Disney; it was quite bizarre when a couple comes up wanting to take picture of me of course i can't just say NO with all the compliments they uttered (that was my 2 seconds hall of shame). We checked out Pleasure Island and it was $90 per person just to get in, knowing that the place is mostly filled with bars and clubs and considering that i don't want to drink liquor after what happened last night. It's just different when you are in the club without having a drink (just an opinion). Instead of staying in Downtown Disney, we drove to Old Town. There were way more people than what we expected. That was our New Year's Eve.

Monday after checking out with the dogs, we drove directly to the store. I don't want to go home because i know i will just sleep all day. We search some movie ratings and schedule at AMC movie theater. It was a blast and a movie marathon. We stayed 9 hours in the theater. We first watch "Blood Diamond" it was really really good. "Black Christmas", "Pursuit of Happiness" just an ordinary story and setting but i love it, "Borat" we've seen it before and just wanna see it again and the last one was "Apocalypto" it was a really good movie but I prefer love more than just killing each other, i know it's history it's just i hate the killing of innocent individuals.

New Year a new beginning of a life full of challenges.
Happy New Year. Be hopeful for a blessed and fruitful 2007!!!!

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