"Destiny is not a matter of CHANCE, It is a matter of CHOICE"

Saturday, December 15, 2007

so lucky at the mall

yesterday i got bored and took off to the mall just to unwind. I need to go there anyway because I'm out of my favorite parfum CHANEL Chance. Women always tend to buy things that's not even in the list and just buy from out of nowhere just because it's cute even though you don't need it yet. The main thing yesterday was i got my favorite scent and when I checked out Victoria Secret and decided to grab 2 Infinity Edge bra because it's simply irresistible and I go ahead and pay for it before I see some other cute stuff. I used my birthday card from VS and pay the rest. I have no idea that I was only paying 1 of them , I didn't even look how much i was paying I just swipe my card and left. When I got home I noticed it and Thanks to VS for a free Infinity Edge bra.

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