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Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday @ Regina's

Last Wednesday Angel(my friend in Safety Harbor)told me about Regina's Oriental Store located in Pinellas Park. She said if Ray wanna go then she will be able to meet us there after work. So told Ray about it and since it's friday so he agreed to go. I told Angel Friday morning and sad to say she can't meet us because she'll be having an overtime. I understand her, so Ray and I still wanna go. I already got the address by searching it through internet. It works perfect now that the Cracker Barrel is on the way to Regina's. We stop at Cracker Barrel for our dinner using the gift certificate that Denise gave us last christmas. Finally we will be able to use it. She intentionally gave it to us knowing that we were going to the west but we are not too crazy about it.
Regina's store is a nice place. They have the filipino dish which i wished i ate last night but i was too stuff to eat. They have the videoke that made me cry because someone sung the song that my bestfriend sung it for me the night before i left. They have the dance floor where you can dance. I really felt like i was in the Philippines last night. I even ate "balot", oh i miss it. I used to eat it with my friends while we were just strolling around Davao City. Of course bunch of Filipino was there last night. They were nice. Next time i definitely eat there, it is just too far from our house, we have to cross the bridge just to get there but what are cars for right? :)

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