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Friday, December 14, 2007

I am sick....

I feel sick of the noises and the smell at the store. They are renovating the roof for the whole building at the store for 3 days now and i swear i got headache from the smell coming from the stuff that they put in the roof. It smell like something is burning in here. I even went to the mall yesterday just to get away from all of the noises and smell and of course i need something too but it is a good reason to take off.
I am happy that finally the owner fix the roof and at the same pissed off. I don't wanna stay in the house for the whole because it will be more boring as hell and besides the store is so busy and i love helping them testing the hard drive. It's basically just changing the drives every 30 minutes. How i wish i can configure one of the laptop without any help from our technician. It is an accomplishment for me. Even when i was in college i always look at the parts how they go together. I love working on any computer related (even mama convinced me after high school to get a degree in Education but i never listened to her because my interest is on computers). I love to be online and just surfing the net and learn things out there(did i learn anything?).
Hopefully soon i will be able to build my own website. I am still searching and reading how to do it because i have limited knowledge when it comes to source coding and techniques as of this moment.
By the got to finish what i am doing...

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