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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Business + Pleasure Trip

The most unprepared trip we've been to was the trip to Detroit, Michigan. We got an email earlier in June from a college saying that they have stuff. The deal wasn't certain but as Ray and the college exchanging emails, next thing we knew we have to go pick it up. It wasn't a hard decision to make instead we considered it an opportunity because we will be able to go to the 5 states (Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin) that we haven't seen yet. So we drove to Detroit Wednesday June 28, 2006. After picking up the stuff, we rent a car and started to drive to the other states. Iowa is the most boring states we've been to. Fargo, North Dakota is as flat as can be when it comes to buildings. Minnesota is known for there 10,000 lakes which is probably true because you can see lakes in the side of the interstate roads. We went to mall of America in Bloomington which we thought in Minneapolis, so we got delayed for a couple of minutes. One of our goals going up there was to see all 5 Great Lakes (Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Superior and Lake Ontario). Unfortunately we weren't be able to go to Lake Ontario because of the dogs. We can't cross to the border of Canada, we could actually see it on the USA side but it is too far out and the shortest way is crossing the border from Detroit to Windsor Canada. As we were researching on the net on our way to the lakes, we were too afraid that they can't reenter USA and they'll be quarantined in the border. We just didn't take the chance! Anyways they went swimmin' to all four Great Lakes except Ontario though.

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