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Friday, December 14, 2007


Let me tell you a funny story, things started happening Monday. Let me start with the myspace message from someone (Jennifer Burh, talent scout), she introduced herself and she gave me her account number as a reference to register. Here I come miss curiosity, I logged on to the site and found myself filling up the registration form but I didn’t finish it. I closed the web browser and just forget about it. When I got home I received an email welcoming and giving me my account name and password where I can logged on as a member to the site and I am still wondering until now.

The site is pretty active, I got some updates in one day after I registered. Two days after I got an appointment for interview, which came from nowhere, and I didn’t even know what the interview is all about. Ray got the email while I wasn’t there. He showed me after and I thought it was 8:45am May 4, 2006 so assuming I missed the interview. We were talking about it when he picked me up from Shapes Thursday afternoon. When we got back to the store I looked at the email again and it says May 4, 2006 8:45pm Eastern Time.

Last night was the interview; it was all about the Palooza 2006(the event where all aspiring models, actors, dancers etcetera who wants to be discovered I wasn’t prepared for it and never think of any replies or interests I will get in a span of two days. She asked how I heard about them and I told them I have no idea. I am the one who will be asking that question to tell her the truth. The interview wasn’t too bad, the problem is AM I READY FOR THIS??? (To walk in a runway???? Plus the hotel cost) I don’t think so. The event will be this fall at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, Florida.

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