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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Welcoming a New Family Member

Our weekend was spent in South Florida. We have reasons to go all the way down Miami last Friday. First we have to buy computers stuff at the wholesalers, then at night we went to Sunny Isles to see Titi Helen (Ray's Godmother) and her husband. They came from Las Vegas so it's an opportunity to them even though I've seen her when we went to Vegas last year. She's a sweetheart. We also have to give her highlights on the laptop she got. She knows a lil bit about it but not enough so we just told her more and show her how to do this and do that. Saturday was just a free day, we didn't plan anything we just go with the flow. We woke up late and decided to go this big place (i dunno if it's a flea market or what, it's huge , they even have 10 drive-in movie theater). They have stuffs inside and out, it's like a maze inside. All i know is they have expensive cars on display (maybe for sale too) a little bit shy from $5million. I think they have like 5 Ferrari very sleek, but Ray liked the Maserati, they don't have Lamborghini though :(. Then we went to Sawgrass Mills. We went back to our room and planned to go to the fitness room but didn't stay that long so we decided to go to the pool. It's rare that i go swimming in the pool but i just wanna relax. We just went to a club in Fort Lauderdale at night i even took a video because i was so drunk and at that time that so fun to do. It didn't came out right though, it was so dark. Sunday was beach Day and to pick up our new family member, the weather wasn't cooperating so we just drove until we got to Pomona Park where the puppy is located. We already talked that we don't want another dog (2 was a borderline since we travel a lot), it started when we saw the 2 months puppy in a pet shop. Since then I've been wanting one. We like a Papillon Breed and we got 1 that is full breed but he is bigger so we want a Papillon puppy that is a small. We finally saw her yesterday and she's officially ours. We named her "Ripsi", she's 2 pounds and 9 and 1/2 weeks old.
I brought her to the vet today and she's healthy but we have to be careful because she got a soft spot in her head just like a baby.

Here's when she was a week and a half old

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