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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Family Weekend

I will start Thursday, I drove to Orlando to meet my friend Cony from New York. I was supposed to drive over there with a friend but she never called or left a message (she just left me hanging, which is pretty rude for someone to do). I am a person with a word in spite what happen i still drove to Orlando all by myself because I already committed to Cony. All the driving was worth it anyway, I finally meet a friend that I've been talking in the internet for months. We saw some Filipinos at Downtown Disney and even dance to another Filipino at Mannequin at Pleasure Island. It was fun and glad that i met Cony. To Cony, gurl I enjoyed it "Kanus a na man pod kaha ta magkita ani".

Saturday was for our pets (mainly for our dogs, Rocky and Bullwinkle and a our Bird Daisy). We went to
Fort Desoto for our dogs to swim. They haven't been in the water since last summer. I love watching them swimming especially when we went to the sand bar where no leash and they can just run and swim, of course they can't go anywhere because they'll drown if they leave the shallow water. Mom and friends even go because we told her we're going but they just stayed in the beach. Mom's friend was fascinated with our bird Daisy because she actually say some words and very interactive. The only thing is i left the camera so i just have to take some when we come back (I'm sure we will, summer time is coming so water is always apart of it ).

Sunday we celebrated mother's day and Kristina's Birthday(niece) at his sister Denise's house. The traditional family get together.

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