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Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Life is Back

After all the busy super bowl week and all the driving back and forth to Miami, and now I feel like I have my life back. We go to Miami because of business and possibilities not just pleasure. I know Miami is known for fun in the beach but it’s got a lot to offer than just bikinis and boat parties. Unfortunately it is 4 hours driving but we do all kinds of stuffs to make the trip funnier. We record TV shows to our pocket dish from dish network where we can bring the shows and watch it on the road. It’s pretty cool, we were able to escape commercials and scene that we don’t want to see (we normally do that at home anyway). Actually we hardly watch live TV shows. We record every show we want to watch to avoid commercials ;). It’s not worth waiting for me, I will get bored watching TV with those entire million commercials they have. I’d rather listen to a radio station than watch TV. Anyway, you cannot believe that in the past 3 weeks we’ve been back and forth to Miami at least 8 freaking times. It was tiring but we were able to enjoy it when were there. What kills us is driving back to Tampa. Last weekend wasn’t too bad, we went over there for business so we have no choice. Hopefully that would be the last one for awhile.
At our favorite bar (Mango) in
South Beach

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