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Friday, December 14, 2007

Weekend Blast

I have to summarize my weekend with Ray.

Friday, we already have our plans for the night. We went to a bar next to the store location and had 1 drink. We came back to the store and decided to go either one of the three places (Hard Rock, Ramada Inn and a bar near our house); we have this random numbers in the computer so we assigned numbers for each one. It turns out Hard Rock Café. The place is only for a couple of minutes or an hour so we planned to go to Ramada Inn around midnight since the place will really gets going about that time. Everything was planned; we arrived at the house around 8:30 pm so we just took a nap while waiting for the time. Unfortunately, instead of taking a nap, we woke up around 12:30am which means too late for what we had planned earlier. Sleeping is what we really need anyway.

Saturday was planned for Zeny’s birthday. The party was around 3:00 pm or 4:00 pm so Ray was going to take me to her house at 3:00 but Honey sent a message on my Yahoo Messenger that she’s going to go there early just to help Zeny in cooking the foods. Ray dropped me off at Brandon mall where Honey and I will be meeting for the first time. We went to several places before we went finally arrived at Zeny’s place where some other Filipina were there. They are all friendly and warm that made me comfortable. They already cooked and almost done with the foods and I don’t think I can help them anyhow so I joined Sally, Thea and Tony at the pool table. I have a great time playing with them. We ate around 5:00pm, food was great. Thanks to all Florida Flipz or mga Badjao, I really have a fun time being with you all. Ray picked me up at 6:00pm because we have another plan for the night. We went dancing to our favorite place; we don’t want to miss the April fool’s Day Party. My Saturday was incredibly awesome and the party was hot.

Sunday is for the vaccination of our pets (Bullwinkle, Rocky and Molly). We can’t find molly so we just had two dogs. It was pretty quick so we decided to go to Fort Desoto. We brought Rocky and Bullwinkle; it was mainly to take some pictures with the sunshine skyway in the background. I love the place. We definitely want to go back there.

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