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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Change of Plans

The past week was kind of a crazy week. We already had a plan for the weekend but we had a family gathering for Diego’s first birthday so we have to change our plans. Instead of going to Sebatian Inlet Park. We always have the plan to go to the East coast beach every weekends. next time we'll go we will go fishing because i saw people fishing right in the beach and they're catching fish like crazy. I had the fishing rod with but i don't have the bait and hook. We even snorkel but it's not as clear as the keys. Sunday, we went there Friday. We decided to go to our favorite private club to dance and play pool. For me it is the best dancing place in town and so fun to go to. Since it wasn’t in our plan, we decided to go until midnight and come home to watch a movie in Dish Network’s PPV. I didn’t drink that much of my Mudslide (only have 1 bottle) but I felt like I was drunk, I always need air because when I dance it’s always with energy that’s why Ray just want to watch me dancing especially with other girls in the club (He just can’t cope up with my steps and he don’t have the rhythm..hehehehe). I can’t breathe even though I was standing in front of the fan they had beside the dance floor. So I told Ray to go home even then it was 12:30 in the morning so we didn’t watch the movie. We slept late and went to Diego’s party around 2 pm. The party supposedly at the Horizon Park but the weather was so unfriendly instead we continue the party to Diego’s grandfather’s house.I finally met Jose, the only Filipino in the family. I heard a lot about him whenwhen I got him. I also met his wife Maria and his daughter Malena. He’s been here since 1972 but we still talked using our language (Tagalog). We left at 5:30 pm and went home. Again the sleepy head went back to bed until 8:00 pm and I woke up for the NBA finals which were so aggravating because the Heat lost their first 2 games in the Mavericks. Good luck Miami Heat for the next 5 games.

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