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Saturday, December 15, 2007

My ever Late Thanksgiving Blog

I am so blessed of God’s planned destiny for my journey for having a good quality of life, good health and happy family that sometimes I question myself why God is so GOOD to me even though I don’t have time for HIM most of the time. Actually Thanksgiving Day was full of MY DRAMA, in spite what happened I am still thankful of having Ray into my LIFE. I thank God for giving Ray to be part of my Journey in this earth who always gives his time whenever I need it (or even I don’t need it…shhh!), always understands my mood swings and needs, always gives time for our little vacations (hahaha), and of course loving me as long as he can stand on my “more often than not childish” attitude. Believe it or not I still pout considering the fact that I am already 24(it’s Ray’s fault he just let me do it the first second and third time that I accustomed to it). Don’t worry folks I am working on it.

The Shopping day, who the hell don’t want all the sales and discount, right? Yea, I went to the mall after I finish my task at the store. I didn’t go for every sale and discount and dig the whole mall; I went there for one thing “the tote”. Yup that’s right, I just want to get the tote even though I am not sure if I will use it, but right now I don’t think so. I just bought something small for myself, Ray and a Christmas gift for our adorable great nephew (are we that old to have a great nephew????)

Weekend was relaxing; Ray didn’t work Saturday so we watch 3 movies (Casino Royale, Saw III and Deja Vu) on Friday night at the drive-in theater. We slept all day and stay in bed for the rest of the weekend.

Writing a blog so late???? here's why, I just don't feel like writing my blog without my store computer. I feel dumb without it I'm sure ya'll know what i mean:(.

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