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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lights, Camera.. Action

We went down Miami again last weekend for my first time experience doing a short student film. Chris (student director) convinced me to do the role as Mary (the script writer and a pregnant girlfriend of a senator). I am neither an actress nor trying to be one but Chris keeps talking to me to be one. I said ok I'll do it as long as he'll be patient and teach me every single act that I have to do and good thing about it is I will be able to work with an experienced actor and I'm glad I did because Damian (co-star) was very helpful and he is trying to help me to make things possible. It was fun working with the 3 make up artist because they make boring time an interesting one especially when we are waiting for hours for the set to be ready. It was only a 1 day shoot because it's just a short film but I learned a lot of things. We come back home Sunday morning for the Easter dinner at mom.
We brought home Gigi (mom's dog because will be in vacation for who know how long, she needs it though) and Courtney (our niece to stay for 3 days with us). The weather it been sucks for the past days, big reason why we can't go somewhere.
Today is supposed to be my driving test but they canceled it because of the weather again, it's been pouring rain all day. I can't do it tomorrow because it will be the auction day for the computers that we are trying to get. We are trying to get the 2 lots of computers but its tough because it's a close bids so hopefully we'll get it.

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