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Saturday, December 15, 2007

2nd Year Wedding Anniversary

My blog is so late, actually our wedding anniversary was Saturday January 27th. I just want to post it for my record in case i forgot where we went to our 2mnd anniversary. It was lil chilly so we decided to go just eat at a Japanese Restaurant but it was close for renovation so we turn around and saw The Melting Pot, Ray said it's supposedly a romantic place for anniversary and it's dark inside but he doesn't like their food. I was so thrilled of what he said so i insist to go and eat at Melting Pot. It was definitely different than any of the restaurant that we went together before. It's a fondue kind of thing. We chose the style of cooking and the spices that goes into it and then we have cook our own food. They just give us the meat and everything then we'll cook it and eat it after of course ;). The dessert was awesome instead of cheese we chose chocolate. Everything was terrific,we had a lot of fun and the food turns out to be very good.Ray didn't know why he didn't like their the last time.
My gift was way before our anniversary, I'm always advance(better than late right?). He gave me his gifts after work, store was really busy.
Anyways, we had a good time on our anniversary. I want to go out dancing but it was so chilly and rainy.

I can't make it longer, latest activity is just Miami trips for the voluntary rehearsal for the Super bowl. We are going to Miami Beach tonight hoping we'll see some of the player ;), I'm sure South Beach hoppin' right now.

Catch ya'll later folks....

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