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Friday, December 14, 2007

......after all

Can't sleep again not because i had coke nor i slept earlier but i am stil stuff from my dinner. I only have my filipino dish cuz i really missed it and craving for it even though Ray said yuck everytime and some or maybe all of you will say it but i don't care!!! Why the hell i care anyway...
Anyway, i had a pig feet, you're amazed isn't it? but don't care i love it! Love it! love it.
I just wanna back on track after what happen to us these past two days. Even now i can still remember exactly what Ray's verbal and emotional reactions. I was so worried and confused. Don't know what will be my reaction. Should i get mad myself or should i just let the commotions calm down and talk about it after everything had already cool off.
I will just tell you what really happen and why in the next post because i wanna watch a movie if i can still make it. It's kinda late and still have to work tomorrow. I am tired too folks.

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