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Saturday, December 15, 2007

My so called “almost a disaster”

My so called “almost a disaster”

Let me start with what I called “almost a disaster”, we planned to leave Tampa Thursday right after the store closes (at 6:00 o’clock in the evening). So I stayed in the house to pack our luggage and he’ll just pick me up around 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon with our luggage and with the dogs so we can just drop them off at Gandy Animal Hospital for 4 nights boarding. We returned to the store and wait until it closes. There are things that need to be done before we can leave so we go ahead and finished everything. We actually hit the road almost around 7 o’clock at night. He also lost his cellular phone that delays our trip. We were looking everywhere because we needed that phone for the store the next morning. Avery (store in charge) will be calling him about some matters about the store. Looking for his phone made me a little bit irritated and moody. We were talking about things and suddenly he remembered something and we drove back to the store luckily we were not that far from it. So I just waited in the car because I had a slight headache and he can’t find what he’s looking for and want me to help him but I insist not to. After awhile he got out and got mad “imagine, he said forget the f***k*** cruise”. I didn’t say anything but fine. I got mad myself. He drove back home and tried just to drop me and the luggage off, instead I just sit in the car and he drove back to the store. Still I remain seated in the car while he went inside the store. I walked out in the car and started walking across the street where Mobil gas station is located. I am rebellious when I am in my mood and I know he’ll get mad at me walking especially at night. Guess what I bought, a pack of Marlboro cigarette and a lighter. I smoked when I was in college (for a short period of time and part of my curiosity, growing up and everything). When I came back in the car, he was ready to drive away in fact he was already in the intersection ready to make a right in dale Mabry hwy when he saw me in the parking lot (He thought I called a taxi, like what I always do when I am in my crappy and don’t want to ride in the car. I am silly/childish/whatever sometimes, I am just lucky Ray will just ignore it). I went in the car and he started driving towards the South of interstate 275, it means we are heading towards where we supposed to go even though we were not talking that much. We just finally talk when he missed the turn without knowing it that he is going the wrong way which of course I noticed it. I help him trying to figure out how to get back in the interstate which unfortunately there’s none in that area and we have to wiggle our way to the nearest one.

BAHAMAS: Our Destination

Going back to our original plan, Thursday night basically drive towards Fort Lauderdale or as far as we can and stay whenever we’re tired and in the morning of Friday go to Palm Beach (approximately 40 miles from Fort Lauderdale) hang out there and at 1 o’clock go to Port Everglades, where the cruise ship is located. We are going to a 3 day 2 nights Cruise to the Bahamas Bahamas with the Regal Empress. The ship is not as big as the Fascination, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and etc, it’s enough to enjoy my 24th birthday.

At first we don’t know what cabin we will be so talked about upgrading it to sun deck which is nice according to the testimonials and forum that we read prior to our cruise date. Checking in our luggage (boom) I found a Filipino crew, we have to do things we have to do before we can upgrade our cabin only to find out that we are already in the stateroom or sun deck (we are in the top deck of the ship). They still upgrades for it like a cabin with Jacuzzi and balcony (hell, with Jacuzzi aside from the fact that it is 1 deck below our current deck). All we wanted is the top deck so I ask the Filipino crew that I met and he said it is nice and one of the best so we stick to it(please understand us, it is both our first cruise ever, so we are kind of ignorant). As we walk to the ship I saw a hundred Filipinos working on that ship, I mean a hundred if not more so I was so curious about it. I asked Ernie, one of the Filipino crew and our Cabin Steward. He told me that 70 % of the workers are Filipino. He said after 10 months they will go home and after 2 months they will come back. Aside from feeling home in the cruise because I am talking to them with my language “Tagalog” I can order rice too ;). We left Fort Lauderdale and started sailing at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. We join the “Bon Voyage Party” at the pool, and then started looking around what’s going on. The ship doesn’t have the most recent facilities that the other humongous ship can offer but we like the environment (especially me knowing that I am with other Filipinos). Of course they have the basic casino (slot machines, Bingo, Live Entertainments, Disco, gift shop, liquor store, photo shop, pool, lounge and bars, the most popular drink, Bahama Mama ( too sour for me ) but I prefer Pina Colada ) They have all kinds of stuff going on before midnight. After dinner, we decided to just go back and forth to the facilities available.

Saturday, august 26 (It’s my BIG DAY) we reach our destination NASSAU, BAHAMAS. Before anything else is my birthday greeting and gift (do i still deserve a gift even though i already have this trip? maybe for Ray yea!he gave me a watch since i ruined my other watch) courtesy of Raymundo(I love you Honey), Knowing us, we don’t want to do stuff that we have to wait for others, best thing to do rent a car and go with our own pace instead of going to the excursions and tours that they offer. First we have to go to the airport to get our car. We took a taxi, while on our way to the car rental place, we talked to the driver and he is so informative. We knew that Nassau (capital city of Bahamas) is basically 21 miles from the airport to the port, so you can see pretty much all of Nassau in a short period of time. We also knew that there is only one road that goes from the airport to the port and most if not all of the places that we want to go is off that one road ( East/West Bay street). We thought it’s hard to get around of the Island because the taxi driver going to the airport went the other way and made a lot of turns but when we got a big map of the Nassau and Paradise Island , things are easy to figure out.


We went to CABLE BEACH, we able to see Sandals (one of the resort in Nassau), rented a Jet Ski just right next (I don’t know if they own it) to Sandals (they have sail boats and other stuffs but we prefer Jet Ski), driving and stopping along the road that captures our interest, drove by STRAW MARKET, went to PARADISE ISLAND where Atlantis Resort is located. We stayed for quite a few minutes and decided to go to Blue Lagoon, stay for few minutes and finally reach CABBAGE BEACH. Oh I can’t wait to get in the water. Unlike Cable Beach, Cabbage Beach is packed. Whenever we were in the beach I felt like we were in Blizzard Beach in Disney World (I have no idea why, it’s kind of strange but that’s how I felt all those times). Water temperature is perfect, not hot not cold; just enough to feel you better not to mention it’s crystal clear. Stay there until we are ready to leave and got hungry.

The strangest thing and Ray and I were afraid is driving because it is the opposite here. We have to drive in the left side of the road just like in UK. I feel like we are going to have a wreck every time I see cars coming in the opposite direction. The hardest part is when you turn and automatically you end up in the right side. Ray had to change lane because he end up 3 times on the right and too late to realize he’s on the wrong way when somebody is coming. It was quite dangerous when you’re not used to it.

After eating we returned the rental car in the airport, took a taxi going back to the port.

One thing that I like about Nassau, Bahamas is the people. They are friendly and helpful. They even stop when you are standing and getting ready to cross the road even though they don’t need to stop but they will for you.

Here's the link of our photos: http://www.microstar.net/pix2/main.php?g2_itemId=9036

On our way back to
Tampa we stop by at the airboat place in allegator alley that we supposed to do it last weekend but the weather was nasty. This it was perfectly good weather, guess what after our ride and when we started to walk towards in the car it started to sprinkle and then rain. Was the weather is giving us favor? It does then thank you so much!

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