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Saturday, December 15, 2007

States I have Visited

I never thought that I can actually go more than half of the 50 States in America. Never thought nor DREAM of going because first of all I never imagine myself being in America, second of all my family in the Philippines got no money to even go around the country where I was born and race but believe it or not in the span of 2 years (I'll be here 2 years in the 12th day of November) I've already been to 41 States. We are trying not to go back to where we visited instead go to where we haven't visited yet. Of course there are some exceptions and want to go back to particular city, we'll see.
For now, we have to take it easy for reasons like money(we are broke, we need to accumulate some bucks :( ) and time too because all the states left unvisited needs more time.
Anyway, I'll update this blog again if ever we will add another one or two. See yah. Have a good weekend!


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