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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Crazy weekend

Friday went to Vero Beach, stay for a day then drive back to Tampa. Uh! I am so dark but of course just had my natural color when I was in the Philippines (I can’t complain about it, right?). True colors will always prevail (hahahaha). Actually our beach time supposedly Sunday but we can’t go because Ate Nanette invited us for Katie’s birthday party and for their house warming.

Saturday i spent 3 hours at Shapes Total fitness (1 and a half for my regular exercise routine then the next 1 and a half was in the pool). I am trying to learn how to swim because we are in the planning to get certified for scuba diving and the pre-requisite is swimming. So got to learn how to swim. Then we went to Denise’s house for Dad and Gabriel’s (nephew) birthday party . After the birthday party we went home to get dress for the club night out. We arrived at the club around 10:15 pm so still kind of early if you are into night party. Since we already had dinner at the earlier party so we didn’t stop at the complimentary buffet table at the club. We went directly to the bar and got our drinks. We are going to meet a couple last night, so were looking for them. I was having Rum and Coke and since I was the bartender’s favorite he gave me 2 cherries with it and of course every drink i get he always put cherry in it. We walked back to dance floor to look for table but it’s all taken. We saw Heather (half American half Filipino but she was born here) and husband Dominic. They were so nice and we actually had a wonderful night talking to them. Last night was crazy. We were dancing like there’s no tomorrow. I even drink faster but didn’t get that drunk because we’ve been dancing. I wish I can tell you folks what really happened last night but maybe just to be in the safe side we’ll just leave it as it is (as of Las Vegas’ famous quote “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”). The bottom line is when we woke up we realized that we were not in the house and the place was empty, it means we closed the place. We are just lucky they didn’t lock us up. We got home this morning at 6:30 am.

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