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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Fantasy Festival in Key West

All I can say is “OMG”. Our weekend was pretty wild. We made a trip to Key West for the “Fantasy Festival” and it was fantastic. The whole time we stayed was crazy yet lots and lots of fun. We left Friday at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. We stop by at Anthony’s House (our cousin) in Miami to spend Friday night. We took a picture at his house:

Friday night went to a club in Miami which we met some nice and friendly people. I danced all night with those girls (too bad cameras are not allowed). Saturday drove down to Key West for the Fantasy Feast. Actually we forgot about Fantasy Feast and one of our friends invited us to go on the 26th – 29th of October which complicates our other plan for Halloween. We decided to go earlier than the date our friends are going. We wanted to go really bad last year (we weren’t informed early enough) and we forgot this year that’s why we already have other plan for Halloween.

Our plan was to stay 1 night in Key West since we can hardly find any hotels around but something happen so we ended up staying 2 extra days. We wanted to stay there really bad but we can’t. Thursday we are leaving again so we have to go back home and our cats don’t have enough food when we left. The longer you stay in Key West the more you don’t want to go home. It was so much fun. Here’s some our pictures:

For more pictures just go to www.gmalyn.com or http://www.microstar.net/pix2/main.php?g2_itemId=9270

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