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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Road Trip to NorthEast

December 23rd we have our flight from Tampa, Florida to New York City. Tampa airport have no weather or plane related problem. We checked in online (it's easier), we just checked in our luggage and we're ready to board.

Time to board, we were so amazed to find out that we have a first class seats. Honestly, I haven't been in a first class flight. Ray didn't know how we got our seats. We can't complain it's an upgrade baby! Let's enjoy it ;). Of course the service is very different. We have our dinner (a good dinner with fruits and dessert). Ray and I have a scrabble tournament and our score is Ray - 12; Me - 11(yea I am losing 1 gamebut of course I already beat him 15-8 in the last tournament, our rule is whoever wins the first fifteen will win). We brought our scrabble game so we won't be bored while flying.

After more or less 2 and half hours the captain announced that we have to wait for traffic but a lil bit later we finally landed safely and hurried to our connecting flight to New York only to find out that it was canceled!!! The reason was weather related, oh crap, are we gonna sleep in the airport??? Hope not besides that it's uncomfortable it's freezing too and i didn't have my coat thinking i don't need it until we land in NYC.

We asked the attendant and told us to go to specific gate. Guess what, They gave us Hotel at the Marriot Courtyard in Detroit and a meal and a ride from and to the airport. It's nice of them huh. By the way it the Northwest airlines (you can check them out at www.nwa.com).

We had our flight the next day and landed safely. We got our car and went to heart of the BIG APPLE.

Watch out for our coming pictures from our trip...

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