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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Weekend update

I am so excited getting up this morning because i want to go to the store and start on my blog but after i took a shower and get dress i have this enourmous pain and Ray wanted to bring to the clinic but i refuse. I said i'll just stay home and just call him whenever it gets worst. OMG, when it comes to hospitals you can't just drag me. I hate those places. Anyway, i am feeling better now.
Paz, called inviting me to go to her house because they're having a get together with some friends but i still can't. So she'll just let one of our friend drop off some food at the store....Making me hungry waiting for it.

We did it at last, went to Floyds Friday night for the first time, and what amazes me is us not even wanting to stop at the casino. We used to go there every weekend but we realized we always comes out losing our money so we stop it :) good thing for us right? Floyds was fun, we dance and drink as usual. New hits were played by the DJ, they have dancers on their own little stage (they shift around, 4 each batch). It was fun for me but maybe irritating for this 1 girl that i saw watching on me dancing, made a face on her friend while she's pointing on me. They were dancing right next to us, so i turned around facing towards her and i dance looking at her just to irritate her. Surely it works, after 5 minutes or so they sit and never went to the dance floor again.
I can be as friendly and might dance with you but don't try to push me because i will be the nastiest girl you will ever met. I will show you what i got when it comes to dancing. Watch out(just kidding).
Saturday, instead of Ray working he called Avery to work at the store so he can just stay home. We stayed home waking up late and going back to sleep. Staying home for is fun enough but not Ray, he is always on the go. We went to the club next door to play a game of pool. We both love playing it, I even have compliments on the club that we always go but not on this night. I am playing worth of crap. I can't even make a simple shot but playing is always fun. Cindy the bartender gave us a free drinks, and 1 that we know keep telling Ray that I look good, so when we get home Ray told me not to wear my dress anymore(hahaha, look who's talking here, he is the most liberated when it comes to dresses), he will never say that is too revealing until saturday.

Sunday was Mom's birthday Party. We just go to her house(her house is always the venue).
The gift was not individually, we just bought her a computer desk. No hassles at all.

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