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Friday, December 14, 2007

Saturday Night Out 3

Here i go again writing even though i am still sleepy from goin' out last night. That was really fun. I can feel my legs are hurting this morning from dancing all night. I love dancing i really do. Just put the music on and i will dance with you all the time. We didn't really came out that early last night, we got home from the store around seven o'clock because i went to Shapes Total Fitness and had our dinner. After the dinner we had our drinks. I only had one glass of rum and coke(still my favorite and Rocky's(our dog) too..hehehehe, damn! he was drunk. He can't even walk straight, his butt was always leaning to the right. That was funny last night ). I drink fast even though it's a little bit stronger than what i always had because we run out of coke and unbelievable that i slept after i had my drink. I can't slept that easy everytime i have coke but last night i did. Ray woke me up around ten o'clock to be on the road and let the party started. I am not drunk anymore but maybe tipsy, hehehehehe. We arrive at the place around eleven and man, that place is packed. We can't hardly find a parking space. We knew that it's gonna be a lot of people inside. The dance floor is full, the pool tables are both occupied. The music was really nice when we came in, after we got our drinks we started dancing. Again i met a filipina there and she came from Clearwater, sad to say i don't know her name. We are all busy dancing and having so much fun. We decided to go home around three thirty in the morning.

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